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What is Renewable Energy

5 mn read Renewable energy involves energy harvested from renewable sources; most are natural sources, these sources continuously renew or replenish. These energy sources are considered to be theoretically the example of this sources include inexhaustible. These sources of energy are found in the air, deep underground, in the ocean or in sunlight. These sources form part of […]

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Investigating Surfaces Properties of Functional Polymers

12 mn read Abstract Research work in this paper synthesis of polymers is developing on the topic development of scientific principles for the creation of new functional polymers. The paper has accumulated experience in the development of polymers properties containing chemically active functional groups in their structure, researching their structure and morphology, and showing the prospects for their […]

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Adjusted Surrounding Defects Prevention and Reduction

4 mn read The defect reduction in SDLC is very popular today, however, against a background of diverse interpretation of quality it is difficult to get a holistic view of the problem and the basic principles of quality management. Perhaps, the review of methods for improving quality and the approach to quality analysis suggested in the article will […]

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How Electrical Transformer Works

5 mn read The transformer is the electric device which transforms electric energy between two and more circuits through the means of electromagnetic induction. The varying current is induced in the primary coil of a transformer which produces the varying electromotive voltage in the secondary coil of the transformer. The power induced in the primary coil of the […]

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Aspects of Global Warming

2 mn read The planet Earth has been experiencing constant heating and cooling due to the varying amount of sunlight and other forces influencing the humidity of the earth’s surface. (Routledge, 5). Global warming is the continuous increase in the earth’s temperature of the past few years due to human activities like the release of greenhouse gases, which […]

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Applications of the Scientific Method

3 mn read Scientific methods involve standards and methods for the precise quest for information including the acknowledgment and plan of an issue, the accumulation of information through perception and explore and the detailing and testing of theories (Ford, 2000). Developing new brands that can be competitive on the market is one of the complex factors that companies […]

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