Top 10 Fraud Websites Which Offer Typing Jobs Without Much/No Investment

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During this pandemic time, lots of people want to work at home and earn money online. They find it easy and safe to be at home and work and because of that they search online mainly for data entry jobs to earn good amount while doing simple typing work as these websites offer eye catching amount to trap you.

Today I am going to tell about some totally fraud websites for data entry operator work, which claims that anyone can earn money by doing simple copy paste/typing job. These sites lure you with some good offers for typing pages, filling forms, captcha solving, proofreading, paid survey, content writing etc.

Those sites where contact details, owner details and social media links are missing are totally fraud sites. Sometimes these types of websites charge small registration fee or even no fee. Let’s have a look at such websites which are present online to fool you:-

1. This is the first website which looks genuine at the very first look but totally a fraud site. They take small money for registration and even send you software licence so that you trust them. You will get pages to type but you will never be paid for your work done as after some time they deactivated the account.

2. This is also a fraudulent company. They will be interactive till you register with them. They also charge some amount for registration. They will even guide you at every step of the process but after completing the registration process, you will get the work to do but you will never get paid for your hard work as after sometime your login id will be blocked.

3. It is a website that claims to be a platform for users to earn money by doing typing jobs. They claim to be a legitimately registered company, but you will not find any registration information there. The website is quite poorly made and contains numerous spelling and grammar errors.

4. This website also claims that anyone can earn money by doing processing resume but it seems to be a fake website as the site is poorly created, no info of the owner, no registration details found, Inactive contact details, no active social media handles, no official contact number, lots of bad reviews/complain online, office address is also fake, offering lucrative plans etc. So we advice you to stay away from it.

5. This website also claims that earn money by doing data entry jobs, but as usual this site is also a scam as no information of the founder available, low rating given online, poorly created website, no contact details. Fraudsters always hide their complete personal info so do not believe on a site that it will going to pay you any money.

6. This site also takes small registration fee for giving you the work but as usual of no use. We recommend to stay away from it and never share personal information with them.

7. 99dxb is also not a genuine site to earn online. This site provides their services free of cost, but does not seem a professional website, which will pay any money for your work. this website is also available online only to fool people.

8. Fleejobs has a consumer rating of 1 star that indicates that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their offers. It provides very lucrative plans to attract people and make them to fall into their trap. This website only activates your work when you add five people by their referral program.

9. It is also completely a fake website. They are also not providing any information of the founder. Site is poorly created and also low rating provided by consumer.

10. This website is newly created and is only few days old. It is also offering moneymaking plans to users free of cost but you cannot believe them if they will pay you anything in future. So Beware.

90% of online data entry companies are fake, so beware of these fraudsters and don’t pay any company if they asked you to pay registration fee or activation fee for doing work. Those websites, who doesn’t charge anything and provide their services for free, will always not be  considered as legit/genuine websites as they want more traffic on their websites to improve their ranking. Please stay away from these type of fraud websites in excitement of doing work from home and earn. We do not recommend these websites for any use and most importantly never share your information with them.

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