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11 beautiful flamingo wallpaper ideas for your home

Posted in Design

5 mn read Words can seldom describe the beauty of the beloved bird, the Flamingo. With their amazing shades of pink, they outstand their surroundings, making a perfect moment worth capturing. Flying over vast distances in search of warmth and bringing in the doze of seasonal happiness, these birds can now be part of your home and continue […]

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7 Fun Ways to Decorate an Apartment

Posted in Design

3 mn read Once you’ve moved into an apartment and settled in, you look around and think about how you can decorate to make it a more personalized space. No matter where you live you want it to feel like home, which means surrounding yourself with the colors, art, accessories, and décor that you enjoy. While decorating a […]

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Adjusted Surrounding Defects Prevention and Reduction

Posted in Design

4 mn read The defect reduction in SDLC is very popular today, however, against a background of diverse interpretation of quality it is difficult to get a holistic view of the problem and the basic principles of quality management. Perhaps, the review of methods for improving quality and the approach to quality analysis suggested in the article will […]

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