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Social Responsibilities

Posted in Sociology

6 mn read Introduction The catastrophic incident happened in the United Kingdom on fourteenth of June, resulting in the killing of at least eighty-four people. The fire began at the housing tower when people were sleeping in the residential flats of the tower. The site of the explosion spread to the other parts where around six hundred people […]

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Social Impacts from American Television

Posted in Sociology

5 mn read Introduction Presently, since media has been progressing quite rapid, grasping every aspect of society in its visual representation and bringing about awareness to the masses, all over. In America, television has become a constant presence ever since it has been introduced. It has been keeping devoted to the many hours of its visually enticing content, […]

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Problems in American Society

Posted in Sociology

3 mn read Sacramento is the capital of California in the United States and is widely known for crimes like manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, murder, and aggravated assault. These crimes are highly dangerous and unacceptable for the society and are the major problem for the American society. Since Sacramento’s peace is highly essential for the United States as […]

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Social Responsibility

Posted in Sociology

4 mn read Every individual who is a part of society must assume certain role which acts as bridge between economy and eco system and all such can be termed as social responsibility. Social responsibility can also be considered in terms of equilibrium which individuals must have to keep between society and environment. Individuals may engage themselves in […]

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