Social Responsibilities

Social Responsibilities
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The catastrophic incident happened in the United Kingdom on fourteenth of June, resulting in the killing of at least eighty-four people. The fire began at the housing tower when people were sleeping in the residential flats of the tower. The site of the explosion spread to the other parts where around six hundred people were living. With the smog arises of the tower an awful story was under discussion that what are the primary causes of this fire resulted in death to dozens of people. Where the stakeholders that are responsible for this dilemma, a question was hovering in the minds of people. Before the fire erupted in the building, it was under warning for years. Why the policymakers of the government did not care about repeated warnings. The issue of the tower is more than the negligence, as it represents disastrous combination of greed and hubris. Exposing the richness of wealth the tower has described by the pundits as hurricane moments. Those stakeholders including tenants managing company, corporation unions, capital class, owner of the tower, the prime minister, concerned minister, municipal authorities, central & local government and related department are the primary responsibility for the tragic fire exhausted the tower of Grenfell.


The remains of the tower unfolded the real picture of inequality at the heart of the capital. The American newspaper declared it as the atomization of London and reported the story in the leading editorial papers. The national narrative became change with the reaction of the people. The tower became a metaphor for free market capital, British capital and society. Those who are observing from abroad are seriously thinking that why fire has charged the political atmosphere. London is for the outsiders a multicultural city. However, the impression was shattered with the shattering of fire in the tower. Local government in this regard is responsible as people allege that conspiracy of silence between the representative of local government and those developers that are part of the construction process is giving a very diminishing response. In the same way redevelopment of the capital estate construction is a question that whether the process completed in the due period with highly safe buildings or it will face the same situation from the corporate and local representatives (Dening, 2017). The role of the governments is also important to note as one MP argue that if the government held adequately account, then information regarding the dealing of estates councils can become public. Despite the way the state has apologised for the responding the incident efficiently and appropriately, still, people are demanding the open accountability of those responsible for the happening. Just reviewing the process would not serve the real purpose. People are right in their demand as the report of the two thousand eleven unfolded that around two-thirds of Britain housing blocks are unsafe in the fire.

Members of the political parties in the UK Parliament are also responsible for this tragedy. The members of the resident association explain their mistrust that every disastrous happening always reveals the in-competencies and ineptness of our landlords. With bringing the end to the living conditions and negligence in health and safety legislation, these members inflict upon their principles and leaseholders. Similarly, the management company who is responsible for the maintenance and refurbishment owned by a proprietor. With the new trend spread across the London, the municipal contracted with the KCTMO a non-profit company managing building maintenance and related issues. The company also increases apartment along with the existing flats available for rent. The modification work of the tower left it with one exit and staircase, but the exit to which the company fail to keep clear. Protest in this regard about the safety of the living people in towers fell on the deaf and dumb ears (Garriga, 2004). Initial reports after the fire take over the tower suggested that fire spread very fast, thanks to those installed thermal cladding on the exterior side of the tower. The system of alarming was also not working correctly for the whole of the building. People told to stay in their flats, but the idea fails, as not all the homes are fireproof. Instead of accepting the responsibility KCTMO company was demanding the post taken down which is uploaded as a protest on the blog of resident association group.

The devastated tower was proving more than the test for leadership. It has unfolded the catastrophic interventions of humans that was ill judge by the government which seems more distant from the lives of ordinary people of the society. The deliberated delay in the decision by the concerned minister regarding the up gradation of the fire rules and regulations is also a point excessively noted by the public. Why the authorities are not serious in enforcing the coroner’s recommendations. In the lower blocks, there was the advice of installing the retrofit fire and suppressant system. After the incident, the response of the state came and as the briefing was organised for the MPs did not tell the real story to the nation. Cameras were not on until the half of the proceeding of the meeting went through. Two middle-ranking ministers also attended the meeting, which shows the feeling of the government for the distracted families. Little concessions made by the committee for the families affected by the fire, which was rehousing of the homeless people and education of their children will continue at different schools. The state should have announced compensation package for those families harmed by the fire in the tower, which would provide them to live like other socially active people of the society. It is the prime responsibility of the state to protect its citizen from any threat and give the decent quality of life.

The responsibility of the corporate sector is to analyse and take complete responsibility for the company’s effects on the environment and the social well-being of the people. It is a mechanism in which business evaluate and ensures the compliance with the existing law, prevailing ethics of the society and the norms that govern the national or international community. The industries and companies if not follow the standard rules for their business would lead to the disaster which happened in the tower in UK (Joyner, 2002). The corporate manslaughter that was in the London must convict all those responsible for the explosion of fire in public-owned housing block. According to the researchers and members of the parliament, that it was not the tragedy but a crime. People were demanding for arrests and trials not for reviewing. It is not the time to consider but to convict all those that are deliberately involved in the incident directly or indirectly. Some writers are of the view that government itself is included in the mass killing of the people. Many councils in the London run by the labours threatening the people against the social housing by pushing the complete demolishing of the estates that require refurbishment (Orlitzky, 2003). This is the ineptness on the part of the government, which is dealing with the low-class people in a manner that they are worse than the animal.

The contracting company and the policymakers of the government are approaching for a new kind of strategy and planning that improve the building qualities and advance construction. In the coming days, it is expected that a thorough review of the existing system might be considered among stakeholder of the state and private own corporate entities. Issues of scenario planning techniques are also under consideration by the members of the construction industry, but the state is less prepare for this kind of planning techniques. However, projects like skills and housing shortage may be initiated by the government, which in turn will accomplish with the corporate sector. Previously HBF the housing builder’s federation has collaborated a project with the construction industry and training board the first project of four years for the welfare of people at large. The plan to enhance the building skills of all the firms working in the UK is also under review as the demand of the public regarding homes is increasing day-by-day (Sargeant, 2017). By two thousand and twenty, the government has the plan to provide skill-based training to meet the target of building around one million homes. The state is also planning to lunch a comprehensive program for the practice of those workers serving in the construction and corporate sector to enhance the modern-day capabilities of the individual against the requirements. This is necessary in a way that it provides upgrading the entire industry along with the advancement in the technology.

Demolishing the Grenfell tower will create the number of environmental and social challenges for the people and state of the UK. People will recall hatred and those memories that hurt their feelings against the government. The reaction to the next polls of the UK parliament will also influence by the response of the people. In the same way, the rebuilding of homes for grieved families is also the big task for the state to complete the housing project as soon as possible. Environmental effects of complete demolishing of the tower would include the increasing pollution and smog all around. The said pollution will cause health-related injuries, which ultimately affect the socio-psychological issues in the society. Air pollution, which is already increasing and polluting the atmosphere of UK, will eventually enhance the polluted atmosphere of London.


To sum up the arguments, it is the notable point that construction is an essential industry for the progress and well-being of the people at large. However, it is also necessary to bind the corporate sector and the companies to follow the rules and regulation set by the state and legislative bodies. A balanced approach can be applied to share the issues of the community regarding the ineffective buildings and towers built by these industrial sectors. The state will have to take care of those people that are deprived of their fundamental rights of safe living in houses and flats respectively. If not than disasters like that of the fire explosion in Grenfell tower will continue to happen.

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