The Chickasaw Cultural Center

The Chickasaw Cultural Center
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The Chickasaw Cultural Center is a historical place that gives its visitors an all-in-one experience of the Chickasaw people by depicting their beautiful culture through different fun activities and live dances. The cultural building has wonderful fields around it that show the customs and traditions of its culture. It depicts the tribes, lands, friendships, dances, agricultural activities, their arts, and textiles in such a beautiful way that is soothing to the soul (Benson). The centre also serves delicious meals to their visitors while they are taking a round. One can visit and enlighten themselves with the history of their culture by looking at the arts, pottery, textile, holy pieces and the village outline (Todd). One of another great landmarks in the U.S. is The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum which represents the history of the holocaust through its monumental feature. The monument has different floors that describe the authentic stories of the holocaust in the most unexpected ways. There are amphitheatres, huge towers, various campuses on every floor, and huge and dark elevators with a high-up screen showcasing American stories in black and white artefacts. In addition to that, there are different photographs of the holocaust victims, school teachers and others concentrating on individual faces rather than on the mass killing. The museum overall presents an accurate showcase of holocaust history, more so in an educational way (Linenthal).

Wrigley field is a nine-decade-old ballpark on the Chicago north side that does not look old enough at all. It has many stories and rumours attached to it, from being the unluckiest baseball stadium to the oldest and most beautiful stadium in the U.S. The stadium has thickly crowded restaurants, bars, retail shops and houses. The borders of the stadium are covered by different apartments in which people live and can enjoy the ongoing games. There are no enormous parking lots as customers arrive by mass transportation or by walking. People living in the apartments have their business by selling match tickets for rooftop viewing. In addition to that, there are also different options available within the stadium, like shopping and different food item stalls to give the spectators in a lifetime experience of their life (Robert A. Baade).

Oklahoma City national memorial and museum is a place where one can feel an attachment to the Oklahoma residents. It is a place where family, friends and survivors come together and share their sorrow along with the visitors. With its unique design and architecture, the museum tries to encourage the survivors and the residents of Oklahoma to stay together in times of hardship. There are photographs and artefacts of firefighters, police officers and medical staff that sacrificed their lives on the tragic incident (Hessler). Visitors can feel a sense of peace, spirituality, hope, comfort and recognition once they visit the museum. There are two themes in the museum; one is the twin gate that shows the city before and after the bombing attack. While the second theme is known as ‘the field of empty chairs, in which 168 empty chairs depict the absence of the lost people. The Oklahoma City national memorial and museum opens the doors for its visitors to have complete insight into Oklahoma’s sufferings and hope (Veil).

The Oklahoma City zoo promises its visitors a unique discovery of wildlife. It also provides safari walks on a pathway throughout the park to view the zoo’s outdoor animals. The zoo also takes into consideration the safety and health of its visitors by ensuring their social distancing from the animals. It provides an educational connection to its visitors by telling them about the preservations, conservations and their scientific research. In addition to that, it also allows people to host different functions, parties and meetings in a very natural of setting (Stephens). These places hold a very special place in the heart of America and give its visitors a completely new experience with an educational benefit.

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