7 Fun Ways to Decorate an Apartment

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Once you’ve moved into an apartment and settled in, you look around and think about how you can decorate to make it a more personalized space. No matter where you live you want it to feel like home, which means surrounding yourself with the colors, art, accessories, and décor that you enjoy.

While decorating a house that you own is easy because you can paint the walls and install floating shelves, it’s a little bit different when it comes to an apartment you’re renting. To help you transform your apartment without creating any permanent changes, let’s look at some of the most popular and trendy apartment decorating tips and techniques you can easily incorporate.

Considerations Before You Start Decorating

Because you’re renting an apartment, any changes that you make could be considered a violation of the lease. Before you decide to paint or knock a nail into the wall, read your lease or speak to the landlord. You don’t want to add hanging shelves or art only to be hit with a bill for repairs by the end of the lease.

The Top 7 Apartment Decorating Ideas

The following decorating ideas are specifically for those living in rented apartments who can’t make any changes to the rooms. You want to decorate but you’re restricted as to what you can do, so with a few hacks and some colorful accessories, we look at the ways you can achieve a personalized and attractive interior without making any permanent or structural modifications.


In a small apartment, a mirror can make a tremendous difference because it creates the illusion of making the space feel larger than what it is. Light-reflecting in the glass and the reflection of the room prevents the area from feeling cut off which creates a sense of spaciousness. If you can’t hang a mirror on the wall, you can purchase a mirror stand. These items are available in different sizes and styles making them the perfect choice for a bedroom or living room. Place the mirror stand in the corner of a room to improve the look and feel of the space.


You can’t go wrong with a beautiful rug in the bedroom or living area. Shaggy rugs are popular for their soft texture but short fibers in carpets with an intriguing pattern are also a great choice. One design tip when it comes to carpets and rugs is to always choose a large carpet for a small room. Don’t add small rugs to a tiny room because it makes the area feel smaller than what it is. Achieve the opposite effect by picking a rug with larger dimensions.


To increase the storage in an apartment you can incorporate furniture such as a storage ottoman. Available in different sizes, colors, and fabrics, you can remove the lid or open a hinged top and place your valuables inside. It is a simple way to reduce clutter while adding a beautiful decorative piece to your living spaces.

Scatter Cushions and Throws

If you can’t add color to the apartment by painting or hanging art, what about cushions and throws? Make your home feel comfortable and inviting with scatter pillows on the sofa and a rich throw over the suite or across the bed.

Indoor Plants

The easiest and least expensive way to decorate with maximum color and beauty is the use of indoor plants. There’s also a plant for every preference and level of experience from the classic orchid to the no-fuss succulent. You can choose which plant is best for your home.

Vases and Ornaments

If you have a coffee table, desks, and dressers, then adding a vase or a unique ornament is a great way to personalize your apartment.

Family Photographs

Nothing says welcome home more than a few personalized photographs of family and friends. Choose a picture frame with a stand and place it next to your bed or on your dresser.

Decorating Should be Fun

Making your apartment look and feel like home should always be fun. You can follow a magazine trend or pictures posted on social media but at the end of the day, it should always be a reflection of the things you enjoy.

Don’t let living in an apartment stop you from making it feel cozy and beautiful. With a few simple decorative pieces, you can transform any interior!

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