Get Deleted Emails Back from Outlook 2021/2019/2016, etc

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If your emails are deleted from Outlook 2021 or any other version. This article will help you. In this, we will explain all the methods that you can use to get deleted emails back from Outlook 2021.

Microsoft Outlook 2021 is the new upgraded version of the program. In the new version, a lot has remained the same as in the past version, but some things have improved, like making the search box similar to Word or Excel and also providing more options. It also offers a translator where you can transcribe your email in another language and ink your emails. With all these features, users have better experiences. However, some issues still exist, like data deletion.

Why Outlook Deletes the Data?

Deletion of your data, especially emails, happens to anyone; there is no particular reason for this. There can be many instances where your files can be deleted, which is.

  1. Accidentally deleted the emails, and you don’t know.
  2. Due to the corruption issue of the PST file.
  3. A bug is in there to harm the files.
  4. You have set an option to delete the data after exiting the program.

So, for these reasons, your emails can be lost, it not only happens in Outlook 2021, but also with other versions. Now, to solve them, there are some methods available.

Methods to Get Deleted Emails Back from Outlook 2021

The methods we discuss in this are the same for other Outlook versions. Now, here we have three methods that you can use to restore your data. First is the deleted item folder; in this, you search for deleted emails that are lost. And when you find it, restore it. This is easy, but if your file is permanently lost and you have backup. Then, use the backup file to recover them. However, if your emails are permanently deleted and you have a backup of them. Then, an automation tool will help you. Therefore, you have three ways to recover the deleted Outlook emails.

  1. Search your emails in the deleted item folder.
  2. Restore your files using the backup.
  3. Use the software to restore the lost files.

Get Deleted Emails Back from Outlook 2021 by Deleted Item Folder

In Outlook 2021 and any other version, have a deleted item folder or trash folder. In there, you can find your deleted Outlook items, but it can only be seen if it is recently lost. Otherwise, you lose your data permanently.

  1. Open the Outlook program and go to the deleted item folder from the folder pane.
  2. Search your deleted emails in the folder. If you find it, right-click it.
  3. Click on the Move option and select a folder where you want your recovered data.

After that, you will find your recovered data in the folder where you select it. But, if you didn’t find the emails, then, it means that they are permanently deleted. You have to use another technique to retrieve deleted emails from Outlook.

Use Backup File to Get Deleted Emails Back from Outlook 2021

Creating a backup file is very important and now, you have one one-click option to archive your data. By backing up the data, you can easily restore the files.

  1. If your backup file is in PST format, then simply import it.
  2. In the Outlook, go to the File option. Select Open & Export.
  3. Select Import/Export or Open Outlook Data File.
  4. Browse your file and import it.

With this, you can easily recover your deleted Outlook emails. However, if you have not the backup of the file. Then, the next method will work.

Automation Method to Get Deleted Emails Back from Outlook 2021

Neither you find your deleted emails in the trash folder nor have the backup. Then, this method is the only option. Here, we use the expert-recommended Outlook Recovery Tool provided by SysTools. This software can easily restore your files without any difficulty and you will get your deleted item in the new PST file. After that, you can export the recovered PST file into another file format like EML, MBOX, PDF, etc, using the PST File Converter Tool to not repeat the same issue. Other than that, there are other features this tool offers.

Features of Software

  1. Users easily recover multiple files at the same time.
  2. The tool can easily recover deleted Outlook emails, contacts, calendars, events, etc.
  3. You can preview your deleted data and it will be shown in red color.
  4. If your file is corrupted then you can scan it using the two options Quick and Advance scan.
  5. The file allows you to recover any size of PST file if you have an oversized file and have a problem managing it. Then, it is better to use a PST Splitter Tool to break your large files into multiple smaller PST files.

Steps to Retrieve Deleted Emails from Outlook

  1. Download and install the software.
  2. Click on the Add File option and then choose Select File or Search File options.
  3. Browse your PST file where your emails are lost. If your file is corrupted, then click on either Quick or Advance Scan.
  4. After that, click on the Add button, and the tool scans and loads your file.
  5. Click on the Email option on the left side to preview your recovered data. The data is shown in red colour.
  6. Now, click on the Export button to start the recovery process.
  7. Click on PST format, browse the location where you want your resulting file, and hit Export.


Although we talk about Outlook 2021, you can use these methods in the article in all Outlook versions. We explain three different ways to get deleted emails back from Outlook 2021. These are the deleted item folder, backup file, and the automation method. All the methods are good on their own. However, the software is best, as you can use it in any circumstance.

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