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How to Finish the Quran in Just One Month of Ramadan

Posted in Education

3 mn read Introduction: Completing the recitation of the entire Quran in just one month of Ramadan is a challenging yet deeply rewarding endeavor for many Muslims. This noble goal requires dedication, commitment, and effective strategies to maximize your time and focus during this blessed month. Online Quran classes for kids, we will explore practical strategies and tips […]

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HIV Marriages Matrimony for Positive Brides and Grooms in India

Posted in Sociology

2 mn read In India, where traditional values and cultural norms often play a significant role in matchmaking, the landscape of matrimony is evolving to include a more inclusive approach towards HIV-positive individuals. With advancements in medical science and growing awareness, the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS is gradually diminishing. This has paved the way for a unique yet essential […]

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Donation for Masjid

Posted in Religion

2 mn read Each time we step into mosque is a beautiful blessing and a moment to be reflective, grateful and content. Every prayer we make, every tear that falls, every ayah from the Qur’an that we recite, every lesson we learn from the Qur’an and every celebration of our faith brings us closer to Allah. The masjid […]

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How to become more Self Aware?

Posted in Self

2 mn read Self-awareness is nothing but knowing thyself. If one is self-aware, then You are more consciously aware of your thoughts and emotions that erupt from inside. You are aware of why these thoughts and emotions are coming out from inside. And you are able to take decisions rationally and not under the influence of emotions. But […]

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