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Each time we step into mosque is a beautiful blessing and a moment to be reflective, grateful and content. Every prayer we make, every tear that falls, every ayah from the Qur’an that we recite, every lesson we learn from the Qur’an and every celebration of our faith brings us closer to Allah. The masjid is a place for us to come together, worship and seek solace. However these beautiful experiences and blessing are ones that we often take for granted.

A mosque is at the centre of any Muslim community; for times of joy and sorrow, for prayer and repentance it cradles the community and holds them close to Allah (swt). The mosque plays a vital role in bringing the community together and uplifting their spirits. Help us to build a stunning Masjid and unite these poverty-stricken communities.
Prophet Muhammad (saw) told us that Allah (swt) says that if someone builds a masjid in order to reap His reward, Allah (swt) will build them a similar house in paradise.The beloved Prophet (saw) spoke of the virtues of building masajid, and actively participated in the construction of Masjid-e- Haraam, Masjid-e- Quba and Masjid-e-Nabawi.
Many Muslim communities across Asia and Africa don’t have the option to practice their faith in a mosque because of overcrowding, poor construction or the sheer length of the journey they would need to make in order to step foot in a blessed masjid. Impoverished communities are unable to find the financial resources to build a long-lasting structure where everybody can flourish in their faith.You can help our brothers and sisters develop and share their faith by making a donation for masjid and building a mosque in a community that is in desperate need.
Help people in Pakistan, Somalia, Kenya, Gambia, Ethiopia and Malawi feel the joy of a holy masjid, donate today to build your mosque.
A Masjid is the heart of any Muslim community. Mosques bring people together for worship and also allows for sharing joys in times of celebration, and sharing sorrow in times of mourning and hardship. It is a centre of learning for people of all ages. In deprived communities these communal centres, due to their very limited resources are often non-existent or built from a temporary structure with little protection from the scotching sun.
When you make a donation for masjid, we are able to construct Masajid to allow Muslims to worship and flourish as well as to promote education and progress. Our teams work closely with communities to select the most deserving and appropriate locations, and to understand the needs of the people. Our masajids are important places within the communities we serve, and provide a sense of Islamic identity and ensures the continuity of faith and good practice.
We have helped construct 72 Masajids in Pakistan, Somalia, Kenya, Malawi and Gambia. Last year alone, we built 3 masajid in Gambia, 3 in Kenya, and there are still 13 currently under construction. Your donation for masjid will help us to build permanent structures the entire community can use. Just £100 provides a prayer area for a Masjid, whilst £8,500 can help us to build a small Masjid in Asia (£10,000 in Africa) whilst £15,000 will ensure we can build a large place of worship.

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