Cheap Funerals Become Popular As Living Costs Rise

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It is not surprising that cheap funerals have become as popular in the UK than ever before. Cheap funerals is one of the most popular search phrases used recently by people on the internet, especially since the year 2020.

Recent Increase In The Search for Cheap Funerals

For people who are just about coping with the rising cost of living in the UK, spending loads of money on a funeral can apply mental stress on an individual. Most people have lost their jobs during the pandemic and ended up with high debt levels. With threateningly inauspicious data regarding inflation levels and rising funeral prices across the country, more and more people are now looking at saving money hence searching for cheap funerals on the internet.

Does The Term ‘Cheap Funerals’ Mean Low Quality

Although the term ‘cheap funerals’ is widely used to find prices of good funeral services, I can totally understand and appreciate why most people would not necessarily want to associate the word “cheap” with sending off a loved one. However, punching in cheap funerals in the search engines will help to find some funeral directors that are offering affordable cremation packages. So, cheap funerals simply mean that the funeral is more affordable and just not a low standard of service.

What Happens Before And After The Cremation?

A dedicated funeral planner will ensure that the deceased is cared for respectfully and appropriately prior to the funeral, arrange for all medical certifications, a coffin, suitable vehicle to the crematorium where the cremation will take place, and the ashes of the deceased will either be returned to their family or have them scattered in the garden of remembrance. The choice is yours!

There are several ways to reduce the cost of a funeral. Making funeral arrangements for cheap funerals is a great way to do this. You will be locking in the price at the present rate and creating the plan that works for you.

Direct cremations are one of the cheapest online. However direct cremations aren’t cheap funerals. Instead, they are an alternative to a standard funeral. They can be up to 60% cheaper. Direct cremations, as opposed to the traditional funerals provided by the majority of funeral directors, also provide more financial control and freedom overall.

Funeral Plans Can Be An alternative

One lump sum payment or ongoing monthly instalments based on the age of an individual can make a difference in price. Prices won’t fluctuate over time if a funeral plan is taken in advance. Customers may choose the payment option that best fits their budget.

Plan With Grace is one of the authorised service providers for funeral plans in the UK. There are cheap funeral plans offered by many funeral plan providers at affordable prices. Recently in the UK, the Financial Conduct Authority authorised 26 funeral plan companies to offer funeral plans to consumers. These companies are vetted and must meet certain standards. Companies included in this have to abide by certain rules and regulations.

The FCA wrote that customers that use authorised funeral plan providers in the UK will now have access to the FSCS. This means plan holders’ monies are protected if their provider closes its operations. The Financial Services Compensation Scheme will make sure that in the event that a funeral plan provider goes out of business, the plan holder would have nothing to worry about because the provider is covered under the, they would have arrangements in place to make sure that a new regulated funeral plan provider can continue carrying out the existing plan. If this is not possible, then compensation may be provided. Existing plan holders can also complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service even if the issue happened before July 2022.

A funeral plan is another way to protect yourself against inflated fees. With the ever-rising cost of living in the UK, the best way to shield one’s self from escalating funeral prices is to consider looking at cheap funeral plans.

Cheap Funerals At The Funeral Market

The Funeral Market, UK’s online funeral director, provides methods to plan cheap funerals, yet dignified, in the UK. Of course, and I emphasise, such a sensitive occasion cannot be considered cheap.

The Funeral Market was extremely proud for being awarded the Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award in 2022. The Gold Trust Service Award issued by Feefo shows that a service provider has gone above and beyond in delivering exceptional customer service.


So, using the phrase ‘cheap funerals’ only helps consumers find affordable funeral services online, especially as the cost of living keeps increasing in the UK and worldwide. It does not make the funeral service inferior.

Funeral plans can be an alternative as the price is protected against inflation. Meaning, as the cost of living keeps rising, your funeral plan price will stay the same.

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