How to become more Self Aware?

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Self-awareness is nothing but knowing thyself.

If one is self-aware, then You are more consciously aware of your thoughts and emotions that erupt from inside. You are aware of why these thoughts and emotions are coming out from inside. And you are able to take decisions rationally and not under the influence of emotions.

But most of the time, what happens is people are really unaware of themselves, even though they are aware of everything else.

So how to become more self-aware?

Here in this article, I will share with you some tips which, if you apply in your life, gradually, you will become more self-aware. So intricate these practices for more self-awareness.

1. Asking for feedback from Genuine People.

You have to develop an attitude of accepting positive criticism because there are times when you need some words to hear rather than some words you wanted to hear.

And those words can only be provided by Genuine people. If you pay attention, then you will find this kind of people. Incorporate with them, work with them, and spend time with them.

They will give you criticism in a positive way if they find one. All you need to do is just accept them and not get disheartened and work upon them.

2. Self-Talk Monitoring.

Most often sometimes when we are at our height of emotions with positive or negative, we speak to ourselves about many such things that we don’t take into account of.

This is the moment when you need to take account the most, as each and every word you speak to yourself this moment molds your conscience and mindset.

Start monitoring your self-talk moments. There you are find out hidden secrets of yourself. Get to know yourself at a much deeper level and it will lead to self-awareness.

3. Say NO to short-term gratification

We have an uncanny habit of obtaining instant gratification

But this practice leads us to negativity as in life, every prosperous thing comes with sheer perseverance and effort. And since we are habituated with this instant gratification thing, we feel disappointed when we don’t achieve our desires instantly with minimum effort.

This leads to negativity, and being aware of this will make you more self-aware.

4. Asking questions about Your Decisions

When coming to any conclusions and determining the decisions, you need to ask yourself why you are coming to this decision.

Asking why to your decisions makes you stop for a moment and explore all the thoughts and psychological reasons why you have come to this decision. You would be more self-aware of how and why you acted and executed it.

This simple practice improves your self-awareness and gives you more confidence when you make decisions in the future.

5. Meditating

Meditation is not just sitting and just closing your eyes.

Meditation is all about calming your mind and exploring yourself. Meditation leads to self-awareness, and self-awareness is one step closer to self-mastery.

If you want to be more self-aware, meditation should be in your routine on a regular basis. It will calm your mind, boost your health, psychologically you will be more powerful, and you won’t get confused regarding any decisions in your life.

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