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eCommerce is rising like never before, there was never a rage for online shopping like in the last few years. After the invasion of Covid, more people are confident and prefer to buy online. That’s why Many businesses are approaching digital platforms to create online stores for their brands. Many brands have already established a strong identity online while many are making their way. Shopify has been the first choice of many businesses to start their eCommerce journey. However, creating a Shopify e-store might be easy compared to a standalone website, but there are many elements that should be selected carefully and one such important part is Shopify theme or Shopify theme development. 

Shopify themes are pre-designed templates by Shopify or Shopify plus developers that will decide the overall visual appeal of a website and how the customers will view or perceive a website. Selecting the right Shopify theme is highly crucial depending on the type of business and target customers. If a brand wants to reflect its goals and identity through a website, the website theme should be able to reflect that brand identity.  

Many Shopify developers allow customization features to help brands develop e-stores according to their requirement. Paid or Premium Shopify themes on the Shopify theme story might be costly, due to additional features, and functionalities offered. However, these premium themes need experts and a lot of time and effort to reap the benefits of the design, elements, and features of the theme.  

Shopify offers different themes on theme stores or Shopify stores that have been categorized according to a different business niche such as furniture, art & photography, jewelry, fashion, electronics, health, sports, toys, and more. If businesses or brands are unable to find themes, they can select from existing premium themes and customize them according to their requirement.  

The different Shopify theme providers where you can buy the best Shopify themes or Shopify theme development 

Seedcart: Seedcart is one of the most popular and high-performing design agencies known for developing themes for Shopify e-stores. Brands can directly consult with  Shopify experts   business requirements, ideas, business goals, and more, the agency will develop a rough sketch and give you more clarity about what and how your brand e-store on Shopify will look like. They have been developing unique Shopify themes and more for various brands. Right from developing a Shopify theme from scratch to Shopify SEO and marketing brands can get customized and best solutions for the Shopify store. Moreover, Seedcart offers great customer support, so you can solve your queries instantly. Experts from Seedcart can use responsive, interactive, customized Shopify themes to make brand identity more unique and easy for customers to connect with. Seedcart uses a wide range of Shopify themes from Shopify theme store and other themes to make sure the Shopify e-store looks visually appealing. 

Out of the Sandbox: Out of the Sandbox is one of the most popular premium themes with 800 positive reviews on the Shopify theme store. These reviews are an indication that if brands buy a theme from Out of the Sandbox, they won’t disappoint. Some of the popular themes created by Out of the Sandbox are Responsive, Mobilia, Retina, Parallax, etc. They offer themes with good features and functions, moreover, their visual appeal is loved by many brands. Each of them has settings designed to help brands customize their Shopify e-store. Out of the Sandbox regularly updates themes, with excellent customer support and fast response. 

Underground: Underground is another popular Shopify theme known for its modular, customizable, and high-converting themes. Underground offers a wide range of themes and each theme has some unique features. The themes offered by underground are: 

 icon Shopify theme- Known for brands using high-quality and unique product photos. The theme offers sticky navigation where the menu remains fixed on top while the user scrolls, a multi-column menu with drop-down options, and a parallax effect that gives depth when visitors scroll the page. 

  • Mr. Parker Shopify theme: Popularly used by brands selling fashion products due to its notable features like blog option in which blog settings are specially designed for active bloggers, marketing pop-ups that grab customer attention on product promotion, page filters where brands can include product tag and color swatch for easy shopping for shoppers. 
  • Vintage Shopify theme: Best used for brands valuing content marketing. Themes offer brands with advanced formatting options, you can use customized pages to make product page content more valuable, and collection pages in which brands can organize products in category and subcategory pages. 

Apart from these, underground offers themes like Fashionopolism Shopify theme, Testament Shopify themes, etc. 

Pixel union: Pixel union is another popular agency known for creating great quality Shopify themes. Brands can find many professional themes on Pixel union’s website that will suit business goals and requirements to create Shopify e-store. The themes created by Pixel union are popular for their features, price, reviews, updates, and unique functionality. Brands can list down the requirements, they can find the right theme and layout. Moreover, they allow you to see previews of themes to understand the overall design and look, so you will know what you are investing in. Apart from that, Pixel union themes are easy to edit and modify according to requirements which gives flexibility to brands for better customization. Brands are allowed to customize elements like headers, scrolling, size of the post. The themes created by them are mobile-friendly and offer a high user experience with good customer support, so you can resolve your queries quickly. 

Shella: Shella’s Shopify theme is designed for various eCommerce merchants and more, The Shella fashion theme is known to attract visitors with unique visual appeal. Shella uses features combined from theme forest and others to make it more useful for fashion brands. Visitors can easily navigate and scroll through products on the page. Moreover, merchants can use banner builders, collection filters, fashion icons, and more fashion-specific features to personalize the brand on the Shopify e-store. With 93% positive reviews, the Shella gives optimized SEO features, smart features to create responsive UI elements such as section builder, slate, and high site speed with a score of 89 which means your site will be faster than many sites generally. Apart from that, there are 68 pre-designed templates and a wide range of color choices. These themes are used by many fashion merchants, available at $79. 

 Envato elements: Envato tuts offers a wide range of Shopify themes for merchants from various business niches. There are 280 options you can choose from. Some of the popular Envato elements themes you can try are: 

  • Elise: A multi-concept Shopify theme that can be used to sell products like toys, jewelry, etc. Elise is designed to work for various industries and has customizable features to make web stores look coordinated with brand identity and business goals.  
  • Foodly: As the name specifies, for merchants selling organic foods, and groceries, Foodly is the best option by Evanto elements. Foodly uses HTML5, and CSS3, and is a responsive website. The templates are a way to change and use with unique UX/UI features that make websites look visually appealing. 
  • MolteStore: Another multi-concept responsive Shopify theme designed to cater to different business niches. MolteStore has a unique visual appeal and can be altered for any screen type with customizable features. 

Phuler: Evento elements Shopify theme designed specifically for florists with six different templates to choose from and with various customizable features.  

Troop themes: Another theme provider, popularly known among creative brands, used for contemporary designs. Troop themes are modular and easy to convert and customize. There are several Shopify themes offered by Troop themes, when merchants buy any of the themes, they can use updates of any theme, you don’t need to purchase a different theme for the update. Various Troop themes are as follows:   

  • Local Shopify theme: The theme is perfectly suitable for merchants selling products and services in various channels. Merchants can click excellent photographs of products and display them with unique layouts offered by the local Shopify theme. Merchants having brick-and-mortar stores looking to start their journey in the online market can use this theme. 
  • Block shop Shopify theme: The basic grid-style theme with minimalist design elements where brands can use hero images to enhance the focus. The block shop is quick and easy to create, offers high site speed, and a wide range of features to modify the overall look of your e-store. 
  • Maker Shopify theme: merchants who are specific about brand image and brand identity can opt for the maker Shopify theme. It offers collage inspired layout where brands can display their product collections and grab customers’ attention by creating engaging content. Creative brands with projects, products, and content ideas can use this theme to showcase a unique brand identity.

Troop themes offer theme templates and guided videos that developers or merchants can use to understand how their themes work and can be used. Moreover, Troop themes offer 24×7 customer support, so merchants can expect fast replies and resolve their issues.  

Theme forest: Theme forest is a marketplace owned by Evanto where customers can buy theme templates and HTML templates Theme forest has a wide range of theme templates that can be used in Shopify themes. However, to integrate these themes into the Shopify e-store, merchants need to know basic tech or they might need expert advice as Theme forest is another marketplace, and integrating will need some important knowledge and elements. Many theme forest themes offered by Evanto are as follows:  

  • Unero: The minimal and basic Shopify theme, has basic and clean designs to attract shoppers. Unero offers advanced swatches for product information and gives control over information merchants share, and also provides mobile optimization. 
  • Eva: a responsive Shopify theme offered by theme forest has some of the best eCommerce Shopify templates. Eva offers customizable features and has 8 pre-designed homepage templates that brands can select. Theme can be modified with a drag and drop feature and offers dynamic checkout for a better user experience. 
  • Avone: A multipurpose Shopify theme which means the theme templates can be used for a variety of business industries. With customized features available, brands can modify templates according to target customers and business requirements. Clean Shopify theme with tons of features allows visitors to shop and navigate easily through web pages. 
  • Wokiee: Another Multipurpose theme used for its versatility offers a wide range of customizable features. The latest update by Wokiee has 16 new skins and a load of blocks that allow brands to modify the website layout according to requirements. eCommerce layout can be modified according to business goals. 
  • Cooky: The theme forest Shopify theme is specifically designed for the Kitchen store category. The pastel color combinations and unique typography make it attractive to use for kitchenware and cookware but can be used for other products as well. Cooky Shopify theme has various built-in features like SEO optimization, dynamic checkout buttons, drag and drop Shopify builder, AJAX wishlist, etc. The easy-to-use features of the theme make it popular among Kitchen product sellers. 

Apart from these, there are tons of theme providers or themes on the Shopify theme store when combined with apps from the Shopify app store that bring unique functions and make the website more optimized and high-performing. These themes are available with various features and customized functions that can be modified according to brand requirements. The premium Shopify themes can be as affordable as $ 29 to as high as $ 180 depending on the type of theme development. Themes purchased. These premium themes are often updated, so merchants will get regular updates on their websites with new features that will allow them to maintain customer requirements and enhance user experience with new features. 

Conclusion: These are some of the popular places where brands can buy one of the best Shopify themes for websites on Shopify. Creating an effective Shopify theme for e-stores is important as it will decide how customers will interact and engage with brands on the website. ECommerce is growing at a fast pace, more and more entrepreneurs are starting their e-stores, so having an effective and visually appealing store has become crucial to beating the competition. Brands can try these popular themes or theme providers to ensure their e-store makes a huge difference in terms of user experience, aesthetics, and performance in the competitive market. 

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