SpyWarrior and Cypherdog are offering one of the best cyber deals in 2023

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Securing all aspects of our digital lives can be a hassle because you need a separate program for everything. To make this hassle easier, SpyWarrior and Cypherdog have teamed up to provide one solution for two important issues. The security solution includes an anti-virus program as well as a digital data encryption service. SpyWarrior will take care of the malware on a computer, while Cypherdog will encrypt users’ files and communications.

SpyWarrior for computer protection

For securing a computer against malicious threats, SpyWarrior is a good choice. With malware hiding at every corner of the Internet, it’s now more important than ever to have reliable protection. SpyWarrior will guard the computer against all kinds of malicious threats, both serious and minor ones.

SpyWarrior can detect and remove infections like adware, browser hijackers, spyware, viruses, trojans, keyloggers, rootkits, and most importantly, ransomware. Real-time protection will guard the computer against incoming threats but the program will also detect deeply rooted malware that got in prior to SpyWarrior’s installation.

Infections like adware and browser hijackers are often not considered to be dangerous infections because they do not directly cause harm to the computer. They mostly focus on subjecting users to advertisement content. So while such infections are quite annoying, they are not particularly dangerous. Therefore, anti-virus vendors are sometimes slow to add new threats to their databases. However, SpyWarrior takes these types of threats very seriously and detects even the most recently released ones.

Among SpyWarrior’s most important features is ransomware protection. Ransomware is one of the most dangerous threats that can be encountered nowadays because once files have been encrypted, they may be permanently lost if no backup is available. So not only should users regularly back up their important files, but they should also have an anti-virus program that includes protection against ransomware. SpyWarrior’s anti-ransomware feature uses artificial intelligence and behavioral analysis to detect potentially malicious processes that intend to encrypt files. Processes that try to alter files will be detected and blocked before any damage can be done.

For an anti-virus program to be effective, it needs to have an extensive threat database that is regularly updated with new threats. SpyWarrior’s database is already significant but it’s also updated on a regular basis to include the new threats that get released every day.

SpyWarrior is a very user-friendly program that does not require any special knowledge or experience to use. It’s easy to navigate without sacrificing any features, so users of all skill levels will find it useful.

Cypherdog for securing your digital data

Cypherdog is an encryption service that secures files, emails, and messages, as well as allows a secure transfer of files to other Cypherdog users. At the moment, it offers three main services, depending on what users want to secure. Email encryption service allows users to encrypt entire emails or parts of them, the file exchange & storage feature allows users to store encrypted files and/or transfer them to other people, and the messaging app allows users to send encrypted messages that only the intended recipient will be able to read.

  • File exchange & storage

As implied by the name of the service, File Exchange & Storage allows users to store encrypted files locally (or in the cloud), as well as transfer them to other Cypherdog users. Users can store their files in encrypted form in a special folder (akin to a safe), and they would be inaccessible unless they’re decrypted first. Files can also be stored in the cloud. Even if someone had physical access to the device where the files are stored, they would be locked without a decryption key, which only the owner would have access to.

Cypherdog users are also able to transfer encrypted files to one another via the software. When users send encrypted files, they would be inaccessible until the recipient decrypts them. Because the private keys for encryption/decryption are password-protected, files would be protected from any unauthorized access.

  • Email Encryption

Email encryption is ideal for users who send sensitive information via email. The emails we send and receive often contain all kinds of information about us, and if someone was able to gain unauthorized access to our accounts, they would be able to acquire a massive amount of information. Of course, if an email account is correctly secured, getting unauthorized access to it would be no easy feat. But nonetheless, it’s not impossible.

With Cypherdog’s email encryption, users can encrypt entire emails or only parts of them, as well as attached files. An email can be encrypted with only a couple of clicks, and if the intended recipient wants to read it, they would need to decrypt it first. Again, because users’ private keys are password-protected, an unauthorized party would not be able to decrypt an email unless they know the password and had physical access to a device where the key is stored.

  • Encrypted Messenger

For users who want to communicate with others via a completely private service, Cypherdog offers a Messenger app. This smartphone app is available for both iOS and Android. It allows users to send completely confidential messages to other Cypherdog users. The messages are encrypted and set to disappear after 24 hours. The app also allows users to confirm each other’s identities during face-to-face meetings.

Whichever Cypherdog service users use, it’s very user-friendly software. Files can be encrypted/decrypted with only a couple of clicks, and setting up an account is also very easy.

To summarise, Cypherdog ensures protection against the following:

  • economic and foreign espionage;
  • data theft;
  • business email compromise (BEC);
  • ransomware that uses double extortion;
  • invoice hacking;
  • data leaks.

Together, SpyWarrior and Cypherdog will provide the ultimate protection. More details on the available deal can be found here.

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