How to Create an Owner’s Draw Account in QuickBooks Online

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An owner may withdraw money from his/her business for personal needs; this is referred to as an owner’s draw. A record should be maintained when the business owner withdraws money from their company’s assets for personal purposes. If the money withdrawn is not properly recorded, it can create confusion in the company’s accounts.
To keep track of the owner’s draw, all you need to do is first make an owner’s draw account. After that, the amount drawn from the owner’s draw can be recorded in QuickBooks. In QuickBooks Online and QB Desktop, you can easily set up an owner-draw account using the Chart of Accounts option. Both of the software includes a Write Checks button which can be used for writing the entries. So, let us start the blog by explaining to you what an Owner’s Draw is in QB.

What Is the Owner’s Draw in QuickBooks?

Individual owners can withdraw money from their company’s funds for personal purposes. As the business owners are not entitled to fixed salaries, thus, when their income is from the withdrawn money from the business account. The money withdrawn by the owner is not mentioned in the record list, whether as an entry for money or salary withdrawn. In either of the cases, it is said to be the owner’s draw. To maintain all these transactions and to keep track of the QuickBooks owner’s draw report, a QuickBooks account has to be created for the recording of transactions. Before you begin with the making of a report, you need to set up your account.

How to Set up Owner’s Draw in QuickBooks Desktop?

You can group and set up an owner’s draw account in QuickBooks Desktop and use a cheque to withdraw money. To set up the owner’s draw in QuickBooks Desktop, follow the below steps:
  1. First of all, go to QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. After that, click on the Lists option.
  3. Then select the Chart of Accounts option.
  4. After that, press and hold the Ctrl + A keys together.
  5. Then tick the mark on Account.
  6. Then open a New Tab after that, click on Equity.
  7. In Equity, type “Owner’s Draw in the Account Name section and save the changes.
  8. After that, go to the “Banking” tab and checklist the “Write Checks” option.
  9. Then go to the “Pay to the order” section and select the owner.
  10.  Enter your amount to be withdrawn here.
  11.  Then go to the Detail section and check if the equity amount is filled up for creating the owner’s draw.
  12.  And lastly, save all the changes by going to the Save & Close option.

How To Record an Owner’s Draw in QuickBooks?

In accounting, maintaining records is very crucial for the amount withdrawn by the business owner. There are many ways you can record an owner’s draw in QuickBooks. In the Banking option, you can draw your Owner’s Draw. You will find this tab on the homepage of the accounting software. There is also another way users can record by using the Chart of Accounts button for entering the owner draw.

Methods to Record Owner’s Draw in QuickBooks

There are 2 ways mainly using which you can record the Owner’s Draw in your QuickBooks software. In the first method, you can record the Owner’s Draw using the Banking tab; you can access it by going to the QuickBooks window. And the other way to record the Owner’s Draw QuickBooks is by going to the Chart of Accounts button and going to the owner’s draw section. This section is available in the List menu on the QuickBooks homepage. After entering your amount, your accounts will stay organized.


Setting up an owner’s draw account is important for correct financial records. Once you’re done setting up your QuickBooks, you can easily maintain all the information for both personal as well as business-related funds. This is achieved by correctly recording the amount. The QuickBooks software helps you perform multiple tasks and use the information available to proceed ahead. We hope you found this blog helpful and got your answer for “How to create an Owner’s Draw account in QuickBooks online.”
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