How to Easily Transfer OLM Contacts to iCloud on Mac System?

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The best way to backup your Outlook OLM contacts is to transfer OLM contacts to iCloud. It is a mac default mail client for all mac related OS. So it is a smart good option to backup contacts with the Mac Address Book. It will convert contacts into a handy form.

We will first import OLM to iCloud mail using the manual solution. However, if you want to accelerate the migration process, you can use the Mac OLM Converter tool. It will perform the whole process within a few steps. Primarily let’s quickly go through some grounds for this process.

Grounds to Transfer OLM Contacts to iCloud

The following are the prime reasons to migrate OLM contact book to iCloud email application.

  • To easily access contacts anytime/anywhere.
  • There will be fewer chances of losing the data.
  • You can then access your contacts on any Mac platform.
  • It is easy to share data from the iCloud account.

Now you must be wondering, can I import Outlook contacts to iCloud? Or the best methods to transfer OLM contacts to iCloud. To get answers to these questions, move to the next section.

How Do I Import OLM Files into Apple Contacts/iCloud?

There are two types of solutions to transferring Outlook OLM to iCloud, manual and professional. The manual approach is complicated and very lengthy to implement. While the professional one is short, quick, and easy to perform, read carefully before finalizing any solution.

Manual Solution to Transfer OLM Contacts to iCloud

There is a 2-phase process to migrate OLM contact book to iCloud manually. Follow the solution accordingly to avoid messing up the result. First, you need to create OLM files from Outlook and import these to an Excel spreadsheet to save them in vCard/VCF format. After that, we will import vCard files to iCloud.

Phase 1: Save Outlook Contacts Locally on Mac System

Perform the following steps to extract the OLM contacts files locally on your mac computer.

  1. Go to Microsoft Outlook on your Mac System.
  2. Click the Tools tab and tap on the Export option.
  3. In this Export to Archive File (.olm) pop-up, click on the Check box.
  4. Pick the item you want to export to proceed further.
  5. In the Save as box, click the Download button and tap the Save button.
  6. Lastly, you will see the pop-up notification on the successful conversion.

After you have successfully saved the OLM files on your mac desktop. Import these files into an Excel sheet, which will help to convert the data into VCF/vCard form. After that, the next option is to import these VCF or vCard files to iCloud. To do that, follow the given procedure.

Phase 2: Import the vCard File into iCloud Account

  1. Sign In to your iCloud account with the required credentials.
  2. Choose Contacts from the iCloud apps list.
  3. Click on the Gear icon to import vCard Settings.
  4. A wizard will now begin the import process from vCard into iCloud.
  5. Lastly, here you will see the contact list.

By following the above steps, you can easily import OLM to iCloud mail. However, before finalizing any solution, analyze some limitations of this method.

Limitations of the Manual Method

  • The process is way too complicated to implement.
  • You need to have the good technical knowledge to use this solution.
  • A user needs to go through a multi-step procedure.
  • It will take you lots of time and effort while transfer OLM files to iCloud.

The best way to eliminate these limitations is the following solution.

Professional Solution to Transfer OLM Contacts to iCloud

MacSonik OLM Converter is the best one-stop solution to convert OLM mailbox data to iCloud, Yahoo, Gmail, Office 365, and many more email clients. It is a trusted professional solution that can also convert OLM to PDF, PST, MBOX, CSV, DOCX, and 8+ file formats. It has various inbuilt features which help to perform the conversion or migration effectively and efficiently.

Steps to Transfer Outlook OLM to iCloud

  1. Download and Open the MacSonik OLM Converter.
  2. Choose the File Selection Mode and add the OLM files you want to convert.
  3. Select the required files from the tree-structured list.
  4. Choose iCloud as the saving format and Sign In to the iCloud account with your ID and Password.
  5. Apply the additional features of the tool.
  6. Finally, click the Convert button to start the migration process.

With this procedure, you can directly import your Outlook OLM contacts to iCloud account in less time and effort.

Final Verdict

This article includes the grounds to transfer OLM contacts to iCloud mail. It also has manual and professional ways to perform this migration process. The manual solution carries certain limitations. However, you can use the professional OLM Converter tool to accelerate the process. Both solutions explained choose any after going through the whole article.

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