Salesforce Wealth Management

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The ease and cost efficiency of using cloud computing technology to store customer and client information has made financial services companies save both time and money. One technology in particular is Salesforce. But what is Salesforce and how has it changed the landscape of customer relationship management? And why are companies looking for professionals with expertise in Salesforce?

Salesforce is an online solution for customer relationship management, or CRM. It gives all your departments (including marketing, sales, commerce, and service) a shared view of your customers with one integrated CRM platform. One of the aspects this product is designed to support is wealth management. Wealth management is an investment advisory service that combines other financial services to address the needs of clients. The advisor collects information about the client’s wants and specific situations tailoring a personalized strategy to successfully reach the goals laid out. Below I’ve outlined how Salesforce wealth management contributes to organizing and reaching goals.

Understanding Wealth Management

How Wealth Management is Used

Wealth management encompasses all parts of a person’s financial life. High net worth individuals may be more likely to benefit from wealth management.  A wealth manager coordinates the services needed to manage a clients’ assets, while also creating a plan alongside their current and future needs. Wealth managers specialize in particular areas but have a full grasp on the financial services as a whole. They will be able to target what goals are needed to be reached and outline what specific wealth manager will help based off their expertise. Salesforce will craft an optimal strategy to benefit the client and provide banking services or advice.

Business Structure

Wealth managers may work as part of a small-scale business or a larger company that is associated with the finance industry. A client may receive services from a single wealth manager or may have access to members who specialize in specific wealth management strategies. Depending on the business, the company may function under different titles such as financial consultant or financial advisor and still offer the same services. Large scale companies tend to use Salesforce when working with multiple clients in order to keep track of all the data in one easy to access space.


The strategy wealth management develops will maintain and increase a client’s wealth based on their financial situation, goals, and risk tolerance. Whether it’s tax planning or wills and estate, it’s important that each part of the client’s financial picture is coordinated and protected. Salesforce is a great tool to insure all data and information is saved in one organized place. After the original plan is developed, the project manager meets with clients to update goals, review the strategies implemented and rebalance the financial portfolio all using Salesforce. Additional services may be needed with the ultimate goal being to remain in the client’s service throughout their lifetime and in the required budget.

Implementing Salesforce Wealth Management

With the popularity and innovation of cloud computing technologies, Salesforce has created a new and easy understanding of data management to the world of financial services. It saves time and money for clients to hire a company that uses Salesforce services because the system is organized and keeps the clients on track to reach their goals. The right wealth manager can help clients achieve their goals through investing strategies. For the vast majority of those with significant assets, choosing a solid wealth manager is the smartest play they can make.

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