PMIS Project Management

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An abundant amount of information is stored, transferred and created over the span of a project. Updates are constantly being made or adjusted in a project but how do you keep track of all of this information? PMIS is a system to organize and store information for a project. Without a way of organizing all the information the project is doomed to fail.

PMIS stands for project management information system. The system implements tools and techniques used in project management to deliver information. Project managers use the techniques and tools to collect, update and distribute information through electronic means. Both upper and lower management use this system to communicate with one another. PMIS helps plan, execute and close project management goals. Below I have outlined the benefits of using PMIS project management.

Benefits of using PMIS

Planning, Executing and Closing

During the planning process, project managers use PMIS for budgeting framework such as estimating costs. The planning phase finds the project scope and goals and targets constraints, budget and appointment of project manager. Once you have these defined you can understand who will be involved on the project and what PMIS will be used for. The project planning phase might take half of the entire project to get done. It’s important that all the steps are laid out carefully as to not stray away from the goal or spend access money.

The project executions phase is where actual work will get done. A project manager establishes efficient workflow and monitors the progress of the team and work. The project manager works with the clients in this phase to make sure everyone stays on the same page and the project runs smoothly without and issues. PMIS is a system to organize and store information in this part of the project and update any changes.

The project closing is the final phase of the project where contracts and paperwork are finished. The final task of this phase is to review the entire project and complete a report that covers all aspects of the project. All the information on the project is stored in PMIS and can be accessed for later use.

Control and Performance

With PMIS a project manager can analyze and control cost and performance, update existing plans and provide insight as to how the project may run into issues and what needs to be done to fix this. A project manager will create graphs and charts of collected and analyzed data that can be shared with stakeholders and team members.

Online PMIS

PMIS is still something that can be done manually however, the benefits of using an online or cloud-based system are numerous. System speed, capacity, efficiency, economy, accuracy and the ability to handle complex projects can all be improved with online technology. The main difference between manual and an online based system is practicality. Online PMIS is much easier to understand and information is organized significantly better.

Final Points on PMIS Project Management

The project manager is the backbone of the team. They work with both clients and employees to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Being a project manager is one of the most complex fields of work out there. PMIS helps project managers stay on tasks and makes running them much more effective and efficient. Project planning, executing and closing are accurately organized and store information on the whole project. PMIS analyzes and controls cost and performance incredibly well and having the option for a cloud-based system is more practical in a technological world.

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