Network Security and Administration Principles

Network Security
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Type of Security Issue Solutions and Technology used Network Administration Principles
1. Denial of service attack- Use Anti-Dos attack technology such as ASIC Dos Mitigation Engines and Network Behavioral analysis (NBA).
  • Rule-based management
2. Traffic spike Install server-side caching plug-in and extensions to cope with traffic. You can also get a better server or make sure the content is rendered quickly. You can also use a Content Delivery Network(CDN) technology
  • Firewall rules
3. Reflective/amplified attack Close down your DNS resolvers, implement BCP38 or ask the upstream provider to implement it. You can also deploy DNS rate limiting on authoritative DNS servers as a technology.
  • V-Local area Network management
4. Smurfing Attack Shut off the broadcasts addressing features of the external router and firewall. Vantage system is a technology developed that monitors the network for attacks.
  • Secure router configuration
5. Physical attack Use surveillance systems such as CCTV cameras. Use access control, meaning doors and locks and multiple alarms.
  • Access control lists
6. ARP cache poisoning Configure your switch to use private VLANs (PVLANS) for optimal security.
  • Port security
7. Packet sniffing attack Use secure protocols for a start, for example, HTTP, and SSH. Build the network with a switch technology rather than hub technology.
  • Flood guards
8. Spoofing- Configure the firewall and routers correctly to restrict forged traffic from the internet. You can also implement authentication and encryption mechanisms to reduce the threat capability.
  • Loop protection
9. Rouge access point attack- Hide behind an Ethernet hub to detect the attack. You can also configure the rouge AP as 802.1x supplicant.
  • Implicit deny
10.Wardriving- Encrypt the wireless interaction and filter the Mac address capable of connecting to the router.
  • Network separation
  • Log analysis
  • Unified threat management

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