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Since I was doing my graduation, I had a dream to study abroad in some eastern University where I would be able to groom my skills as well as to complete my higher education for starting my practical life as an Energy Analyst.

My personnel goals are to get matured in getting education in culturally diverse land and I have selected Denmark as a place of highly rich in this context. I would be able to interact with people from different cultures and countries. This will help me to personally get mature and to find the best ways to discuss the problems and necessary solutions with the world’s known energy analysts who are operating in Denmark.

I have a dream to be well groomed in education and to learn harder so that there would be not gap left in my life which would be required to be filled. Doing masters in the renewal energy would help me to understand the best ways to keep the world a clean place to live as I believe that the earth is getting highly polluted and it is required that there must be necessary teams who could work and do some necessary researches on finding the best ways to decrease the waste production as soon as possible.

While I was studying my bachelors in Computer Engineering Technology, I used to do my internships and part-time jobs in the computer software houses and computer engineering firms to boost my practical skills so that there would proceed as a successful energy analyst but I met some senior fellow who had recently studied abroad and finished their education, came back and started working as entrepreneurs in their local areas. They became role models to me as I learned a lot from them and got fascinated after getting acknowledged by their experiences of working abroad. Their skillsets are amazing and I have a dream to get education from those areas as well.

After finishing my masters in Renewal Energy. I will come back to my state and will serve my country so to decrease the technology limitation and to become a role model for the future students to study harder to become good and productive individuals for the society. I will definitely join back to the public schools where I am currently working as a volunteer and provides necessary academic help to the young children for their improvement in achieving their future goals.

After completing my education I will start working for some energy concerned sectors where I would be able to learn some basic technologies and working habits which could help the people living on the earth to decrease the release of the wastage and use the renewal energy methods for keeping the planet clean.

My purpose of writing this paper is to request for a scholarship so that I would be able to relocate to Denmark for my future education which is masters in Energy Renewal. I am unable to manage my finances which would help me to do this move and this scholarship is the best match to my program and I was looking for it since a year ago.

My father have given me lessons that returning back is a good thing as it helps us in problems and I have a promise that I will work harder to complete my education and after that I would also try my best to return in a way so that some other new students could also be able to live their dream. Kindly grant me this scholarship so that I would be able to work harder for my country as well as for the whole planet.

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