Is Final Cut Pro Better Than PC Video Editing Software?

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In 1999, Apple released Final Cut Pro, the company’s first video editing software. Final Cut Pro’s unconventional, nonlinear editing approach revolutionized the sector. It was first created with amateurs and independent filmmakers in mind, but Hollywood began to take note during the following 10 years.

Big-budget movies, including 500 Days of Summer, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and The Social Network—which received an Oscar for Best Editing—was edited using Final Cut Pro. But, even while Final Cut Pro’s popularity in Hollywood has seen its ups and downs over the years, it has been a mainstay for independent editors and indie filmmakers for more than 20 years.

Final Cut Pro is a terrific option for both professional and amateur editors. Still, it does have some shortcomings that have prompted many users to look for a Final Cut Pro substitute. Both Windows and a free version of Final Cut Pro are not available. Beginners will also discover that there is a substantial learning curve and that it takes time to become accustomed to the program.

If you want top-notch video editing software appropriate for amateur and experienced editors but lacks a Mac computer or a sizable budget, go no further. The top 8 free alternatives to Final Cut Pro are listed here.

Best Free Final Cut Pro Alternatives
1. PowerDirector Essential

The greatest substitute to Final Cut Pro for Windows PCs is PowerDirector. Both are 2022 Best Editing Software winners, according to PCMag. However, PowerDirector provides a free alternative to Final Cut Pro called PowerDirector Essential, while Final Cut Pro is extremely pricey. It also has access to practically all of the incredible features included in its cost-effective premium edition.

The program provides all of Final Cut Pro’s premium editing features, including Multicam editing, 360-degree editing, motion graphics, motion tracking, and much more, for free. But because PowerDirector received frequent updates, it had these effects long before Final Cut Pro did.

2. HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express is for you if you enjoy producing visually stunning superheroes, sci-fi, and action movies but require a Windows version of Final Cut Pro. With the assistance of the tools provided by HitFilm Express, you may animate pictures and characters, visualize audio elements using waveforms, import 3D models, and add behavioral effects to your video. Additionally, HitFilm Express allows for an endless number of video and audio tracks, allowing you to continue to express your ideas.

There are four types of distortion effects: energy, heat, fluid, and smoke. Additionally, HitFilm Express features a collection of sci-fi effects, including lasers and star fields, as well as 3D muzzle flashes for any type of weapon. Finally, using figures, puppet tools, graphics, and text may all be given genuine motion.

3. Blender

An open-source alternative to Final Cut Pro, Blender places emphasis on cutting-edge motion graphics and animation. It is free and offers even more compositing and special effects options than Final Cut Pro. It also provides fantastic animation support, including modeling, sculpting, and onion skinning.

This Windows version of Final Cut Pro features tools for motion tracking, keyframing, particle simulation, and many other things. In order for designers and VFX artists to finish their films without the use of extra software, it also contains rudimentary editing tools.

4. Avid Media Composer First

The free version of Hollywood’s most widely used film and TV editing application, Avid Media Composer, is Avid Media Composer First. Because it is remarkably feature-rich for a free product and includes many professional-level capabilities you would find in the premium editions, it is a suitable replacement for Final Cut Pro for Windows. As a result, composer First is recommended by Avid for “aspiring video professionals.” In addition, it is the ideal learning tool for aspiring video editors who wish to master Avid.

With 5 editing options per project, you can edit up to 4 films and 8 audio tracks and post your work straight to Vimeo and YouTube. Many of the same tools found in Final Cut Pro are available for free in Avid Media Composer First. It offers numerous color-correcting features, such as HSL adjustments, hue offset, and luma range. Additionally, it provides audio editing features like 4-way Multicam editing, punch-in, and ducking.

5. Lightworks Free

Since many years ago, Oscar-winning films have been edited with Lightworks. The free, user-friendly edition of the Hollywood classic is called Lightworks Free. Lightworks Free contains a tonne of features that make it a solid replacement for Final Cut Pro for Windows, even though it isn’t as powerful.

Using the simple-to-use and finely editable visual effects tools, you may achieve the same expert results as Final Cut Pro without paying a dime. In addition, Lightworks Free includes background processing for those of us who are pressed for time, allowing you to import, export, and create complicated effects while you work.

Additionally, thanks to Lightworks Free’s rapid auto-saving feature, you never need to worry about an unexpected PC failure. After editing various audio, video, and effect tracks, add effects, transitions, and titles. The same sophisticated transitions library found in Final Cut Pro may be obtained for free using Lightworks, but the advanced titles are not included.

6. Magix Movie Studio

For Windows users, Magix Movie Studio is a great substitute for Final Cut Pro. It features compressor filters, echo effects, distortions, and filters for various situations. There is also a mixer in which you can use presets for a speedier approach or perform precise audio changes.

Additionally, the video editor has a tonne of features and more than 900 effects, transitions, and titles. Every comfort level is covered with automated and manual settings for the majority of features. We recently appreciate the recent addition of social media-friendly templates and auto reframing for smartphone footage in this Final Cut Pro for Windows alternative.

7. Adobe Premiere Elements

A great alternative for Final Cut Pro is Adobe Premiere Elements, a scaled-down edition of Adobe Premiere Pro. We enjoy this solution for people that need to arrange a lot of media. Utilizing facial recognition, Premiere Elements automatically tags your videos with the individuals who appear in them. You can also organize based on a certain topic, occasion, location, or date.

Multi-track editing, Noise reduction, transitions, keyframing, and titles are just a few of the activities you can carry out with this Final Cut Pro for Windows substitute. Additionally, Premiere Elements contains AI-powered features like automatic reframing and music length matching for your movie.

This Final Cut Pro replacement for Windows is a simplified variation of a well-known Hollywood program comparable to Lightworks, Avid Media Composer, and DaVinci Resolve.

8. Movavi Video Editor Plus

For Windows users, Movavi Video Editor Plus is a fantastic alternative to Final Cut Pro. The process of editing videos for social media or YouTube is enjoyable, quick, and simple. It offers a straightforward user interface and enables users to accomplish a project in 20 minutes. In addition, pre-selected aspect ratios, animated titles, ready-made intros, transitions, and thematic stickers add flair to your films before you submit them to your preferred website.

Additionally, there are some sophisticated tools for editing videos, such as motion tracking, chroma key, video stabilization, slow motion, and reverse. Finally, although Movavi advertises that its video editor has no learning curve, it nevertheless provides an integrated training session for help, making it a far simpler substitute to Final Cut Pro for Windows.


Professional editors that need nonlinear video editing choose Final Cut Pro as their program of choice. Additionally, it provides a huge range of expert editing tools and effects.

However, it has a convoluted user interface, there is no Final Cut Pro for Windows, and several programs demand extra programs, including After Effects. You also don’t receive sound effect samples or searchability in the import dialogue with Final Cut Pro. Additionally, there is a significant learning curve for Final Cut Pro, and it is not available for free.

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