Email to Your Supervisor Explaining the Situation

Email to Your Supervisor Explaining the Situation
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Dear Sir,

I want to bring into your notice an important matter regarding our customer. Clark Gable. On the 12th of November he ordered couple of DVD’s from our store It Happened One Night and Goodfellas with order ID 1234ABC. He opened one of the DVDS containing Goodfella’s immediately and everything was right with that order. The problem started when his sister in law unpacked the DVD after he gifted her and there was nothing in the DVD. Obviously, the customer is extremely irate and I have checked the records, there were some other customers as well who had the same problem. He is asking for the refund and the problem is that as per out policy, 30 days have lapsed since the purchase day thus his request cannot be facilitated. Regardless of our policy, as he is our regular customer, allowance has to be made to make sure that some sort of benefit must be provided. As a gesture of goodwill, I need your advice regarding dispatching him another DVD. This is a one off instance though and an eye opener as well. So to make sure that such mistakes do not occur in the future. Following are some of my suggestions.

  • During the course of the holiday seasons, the return back policy would be extended to week after the holiday to make sure that such instances are being taken care off.
  • The quality assurance and random checking mechanism must be developed to make sure that the mistakes are not repeated again.
  • Sticking with the same policy, but if there is a mishap on the order during holiday season, 50 % refund would be made only then replacement would be dispatched.

Personally, the first option seems to be the most plausible one, but need your advice regarding the way forward.

Message 2 An Adjustment Letter To Clark Gable

Dear Mr Gable

First of all thank you very much for giving an opportunity to us for serving you. At the same time, we are greatly regretful to the problem that is being faced by you and in future, effort would be made to make sure that your experience is enhanced rather than being a problematic one. We have checked other complaints from our respective customers and your are not the first one that is facing the problem Effort would be made eventually to make sure that this issue is resolved in a timely manner so that same issue is not faced by the other customers as well. Regarding your issue, we would like to apologise for the problem that is caused and effort would be made during the future orders to ensure that such situation is not faced again.

Regarding your problem, we have shipped another copy of the said DVD at your address and to make up for the trouble that is faced by you, an additional gift pack is also dispatched as a gesture of goodwill. It would not eventually spare you all the trouble though. For future reference though kindly take note that extra five days are going to be allowed after the commencement of the holiday season to make sure that these issues are being taken care off. This extension is allowed to make sure that some of the faulty orders that are witnessed due to the excessive load in the holiday season are being taken care off. We would hope that you would again give this opportunity again to not only to entertain yourself, but to make the holiday season special and enjoyable for your loved ones.

Message 3 The Specifics Of The Policy

Dear Team,

First of all I would like to thank you all people for providing untiring services to the esteemed set of customers. It is due to your meticulous attention to detail and efforts due to which our brand name as increased by leaps and bounds. Customers are placing their trust with us guys and it is all possible due to the efficient compliance and regulatory environment created by you people at our space. So I want to show my gratitude to everyone involved for making this entity a success.

But as is the case with every good process, there are certain value additions that are needed here as well. These value additions would go a long way towards not only making shopping experience more pleasurable for our customer, but also make sure that there is greater degree of ease for you people when dealing with the customer complaints and handling during the course of the holiday season. With your concentration and effort, we would be able to make sure that we would further enhance the entertainment solution that we are providing to our esteemed set of our customers.

Keeping in mind the feedback from the customers and the trend of the reversals in the following days, I would like to bring about some changes with regards to the policy of returns as far as the whole organizational operations are supposed to be administered. Following are the specifics of the policy.

  • During the course of the holiday season, the return policy would be changed and additional five days would be allowed after the holiday season to accommodate customers whose order are being delivered erroneously.
  • For the rest of the year, the same practices would be followed regarding the returns and there are not going to be any changes.

It is requested that please strict compliance is being followed with regards to the policy to make sure the irate customers are being managed in the right manner.

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