Crossbody Fanny Pack

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If you think of fanny packs as the 80’s, neon pink and around the hip style your mom wore in the 80’s, it’s time to discover the full options of wearing one in the 21st century. Fanny packs, also known as belt bags, come in all style and colours and can even be purchased from high-end stores. It’s perfect for storing money and small articles, keeping all your precious belongings in one place. Recently, fanny packs have taken over in the fashion space, particularly the style of wearing them as a crossbody fanny pack. Below I have outlined the different sizes, styles, and ways in which you can wear a fanny pack.

Bringing the Fanny Back

1.     How to Wear It

There are many different ways you can wear a fanny pack. This greatly effects the way your outfit can match or clash with your fanny pack. Wearing a fanny pack on your waist similar to how the style was originally worn is an essential way to keep your possessions at reach at all times. This is great for travelling and people who are on the move. Wearing a fanny pack here will also help you highlight your figure and give your waist more definition. Slinging your fanny pack across your chest is the modern style and how most people wear it now. You can either wear it behind your back or bring it to your front in busy public places as to not worry about stolen belongings. This way makes your fanny pack look more like a purse or a small handbag.

2.     Style

Now comes the most important part, styling your fanny pack. Wearing the fanny pack properly makes your items more accessible but choosing how to style your fanny pack shows off who you are. You can layer your fanny pack over your clothing by slinging it over your jacket, use it as a belt, or tuck in your shirt to draw attention to your fanny pack. This will also make it easier to grab anything you need out of the pack throughout the day. Wearing your fanny pack under your jacket gives a chic look to your outfit. Your look doesn’t have to revolve around your fanny pack unlike layering it over your clothing to draw attention. Wearing a fanny pack under your jacket brings the final touches to your fit.

Colour is another important part of styling your fanny pack. A solid coloured fanny pack gives off a casual feel. Black fanny packs go with anything, while bold colours will stand out a little more. Or you could go with a patterned fanny pack for a fashion-forward look. If the rest of your look is a little plain, use your fanny pack to help you stand out. A bold pattern and bright colours will tie your whole outfit together.

3.     Size

The size of your fanny pack can have an impact on your style as well. The bigger the fanny pack, the more items you can hold but also the more it stands out. It can give the effect of a fun, laid-back look that’s great to throw on when going to school, out with friends, or on a hike. A small fanny pack can give you a sophisticated look. You can wear a fanny pack to a semi-formal event with a small clutch-sized fanny pack to pair with dresses or suits for the night out.

Choosing the Right Crossbody Fanny Pack

If you want to start wearing a fanny pack, try out a few different styles and looks to make outfits with pieces from your own closet. The fanny pack is back and the go to style seems to be a crossbody version. However, all the different ways to wear a fanny pack can work as long as you have a style that matches your outfit and a proper size depending on the things you are doing. A fanny pack is a perfect choice for travelling and people who are always on the move. It’s the best bag to keep all your belongings in one safe and easily accessible place.

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