Benefits of Taking Fish Oil

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Fish oil is one of the most commonly used dietary supplements. Fish oil is the oil that’s extracted from fish tissue. It usually comes from oily fish such as tuna, anchovies, mackerel and herrings. We might not get all our nutrients in our day to day life due to dietary restrictions or not having enough time in the day to eat healthy. The reason we need fish oil in our diet is because it’s rich in omega-3 fatty acid, something that’s very important for building and maintaining a healthy body. They’re key to the structure of every cell wall you have. They’re also a great energy source for keeping your heart, lungs, blood vessels, and immune system working the way they should. Below I’ve listed some of the benefits of taking the best fish oil supplements.

Benefits of Taking Fish Oil Supplements

1.     Heart Health

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Fish oil can cause much lower rates of heart disease. It can increase your levels of cholesterol and can lower triglycerides levels. Triglycerides are important to life and is the main form of fat. High levels can be dangerous to your health. This is the fat being stored in your hips and belly. Fish oil will also help reduce blood pressure in people with elevated blood levels.

2.     Fat Loss

Fish oil may help build muscle and lose body fat. Your weight may not change when taking fish oil but rather remain the same while gaining muscle and losing fat. Rather than tracking your weight on a scale, using a tape measure will better track your muscle growth.

3.     Eye Health

The eyes rely on omega-3 fatty acids especially in old age. However, fish oil supplements may not have the same effectiveness for eye health as eating fish does. It’s best to have a healthy nutritious diet in older age to prevent eye disease.

4.     Support Healthy Skin

The largest organism in your body is skin. Skin is the outer layer of the body that protects you from moisture, heat and the cold. In order for this organism to work efficiently, it needs omega-3 fatty acids. Skin health can decline as you age because of exposure to the sun and fish oil supplements help maintain healthy skin.

5.     Bone Health

During old age bones are more likely to break due to the loss of essential minerals found in bones. Vitamin D and calcium help bones stay strong but omega-3 fatty acids can also be beneficial. People with higher intakes of omega-3 fatty acids may have increased levels of bone density.

The Best Fish Oil Supplements

Many people have found a place in their diet for omega-3 fatty acids, however sometimes we may not be able to obtain our daily nutrients to stay healthy. Fish oil supplements are a great replacement for these nutrients. They help maintain a healthy heart, eyes, skin, bone and increase fat loss. If you’re not getting the recommended amount of fish oil in your diet, it may be beneficial to turn to fish oil supplements.

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