Buddhism: Bodhisattva Path

Buddhism: Bodhisattva Path
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Buddhism is one of the major religions around the world, with more than 520 million followers. Its origins can be found in India during the sixth century BC and later on spread to other countries of the world. Buddhism teaching is primarily based on enlightenment in which an individual can seek enlightenment which is a real path of Buddha. According to the teaching of Buddhism, enlightenment can be attained through renunciation, bodhicitta and wisdom.


Bodhisattva is a person who is on the path of enlightenment or one who seeks awakening. In the Sanskrit language, bodhisattva means a “Bodhi”, a person who is on the path of awakening. All early and modern schools refer to a bodhisattva as a person who decided to become a Buddha and spent their entire life preaching of the Buddha and Buddhism. Anyone who decides to s live on the practising of Buddha can become a Bodhisattva(Gyatso, Kelsang, 2011).

Bodhisattva Path

According to Buddhism, a Bodhisattva is a person who seeks enlightenment of Buddhahood. This term is also used for a person who completes the path of awakening and becomes a fully enlightened Buddha. Any person who follows the path of Buddha attains the status of a bodhisattva and finally achieves the status of full Buddhahood (Trungpa, Chögyam, 2013).

Is There a Bodhisattva Path

The Bodhisattva path is achievable after achieving renunciation which is first stepping on the Bodhisattva path. One who feels that happiness can be seen in ordinary things of daily life and engage in spiritual practices for ultimate happiness (Trungpa, Chögyam, 2013). “Life is a miracle, and being aware of simply this can already make us very happy” (Rinpoche, T., & Wisdom,1974). Bodhicitta is the second step on the path of Bodhisattva, which is the main aspect of the Bodhisattva path. It is the aspiration to become a Buddha for the welfare of humanity. Aspiration is a key principle of the path; a person without aspiration is not able to attain the status of Buddha. The status of Buddha cannot be achieved accidentally (Chiesa, Alberto,2010).

Wisdom is the third step towards the Bodhisattva path, which can be achieved with the passage of time and experience. Anyone who wants to gain wisdom should have the ability to perceive the way things exist. A person who has a state of mind and capability of being on the Bodhisattva path becomes a Buddha. So it can be assumed that wisdom is the base on which Buddhahood is standing (Flanagan, Owen, 2011).

Vipassana – Doing Time, Doing Vipassana

Vipassana is one of the famous techniques of meditation. It is a complete journey based on thorough observation, deep thoughts, complete focus and strong interaction between the body and the mind. “When the mind and the breathing unite, feelings and joy, peace and ease arise in the body” (Savor,72). Vipassana can be attained with disciplined observation, thoughts & interaction (Chiesa, Alberto, 2010).

Doing Time, Doing Vipassana is a movie which shows the mediation technique of Vipassana which help people to control their lives towards good deed. This story is about a strong woman who, with the help of the vipassana meditation technique, transforms the life of a criminal and turns him into an entirely different life (Faure, Bernard,2011).

In conclusion, enlightenment is a real path based on the principles of Buddhism. Budhastiva persons can attain alignment on the path of Buddhahood. The Bodhisattva path is a path available to those who want to enter it, which leads them towards Buddahood. There are a few steps which are a requirement to enter into the Buddhistava path, which are finding happiness in ordinary things, having an attitude and aspiration of Buddhahood and finally, having the wisdom to analyse all the steps to real and long-lasting happiness. Being mindful from moment to moment gives us the greatest opportunity to create a successful and beautiful future.

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