The World and the Increasing Obesity

Increasing Obesity
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The topic that I have chosen for my argumentative essay is “The World and the Increasing Obesity”. As obesity is a pragmatic issue these days, this essay will discuss its types and its life-threatening consequences; evaluate the effect of obesity on health, finance, medical, social and psychological perspectives. Moreover, it will analyze the counter-effects that modernizing technology and healthcare has on the health of humankind and if it is contributing to or withholding the causes of obesity.

There are many reasons as to why I have chosen to argue on this topic, starting from the fact that if eating is a natural phenomenon that why does this action lead to life-threatening conditions. There is a physiological balance inside the human body, and if something upgrades or degrades from that balance, the body reacts to it in different ways. Human beings eat to live an optimal life, but there is an intake capacity the body can tolerate. If it exceeds that threshold, it leads to overweight and obese conditions.

Obesity is a major cause of many diseases of organs like the heart, lungs, kidneys etc. While obesity can lead to different chronic diseases, there are medications like steroids that, if prescribed for different conditions, can have side effects, including obesity. Adding fuel to the fire, as time progresses, our eating habits have changed to a drastic level that now includes mostly fast and junk. However, there is a catch, while people are adapting to a healthy lifestyle because of spreading awareness, the obesity level is still spiking up, according to a few studies.

Modernizing technology and contemporary lifestyle has contributed to this morbid phenomenon more than one can imagine. Although this advancement in technology has made our life easier in a way we can only imagine, it also has made everything accessible for us just by the gesture of our hands. More and more people are opting for ‘working from home jobs’, as phones have globalized everyone; instead of visiting their loved ones, people choose to reconnect with them through their phones. There are so many exercising machines and tools that are now being introduced, yet the obesity level spikes every year (Finkelstein et al.). Television has been the best source of entertainment for us for many years, but the same blessing has led to the major concern of date called “childhood obesity”, which is ruining children’s lives. Many studies have shown if we reduce screen time for children, the obesity rate could be decreased.

On the contrary, there are people in different areas of the world, like South Africa, that are dying of hunger. Governments do not have enough supplies to provide their people with; hence thousands of children die of hunger every year. On the one hand, the rise of obesity is at its peak, while on the other hand, people do not even have the basic necessities to eat.

Obesity is an epidemic that is not only stressful for an individual but also for the authorities of the countries as well. Despite the fact that governments are trying to introduce different initiatives like Michelle Obama’s campaign of “Let’s move” to infer and spread awareness about a healthier lifestyle, people still choose a sedentary lifestyle which is the leading cause of obesity (Simon, Kocot and Dietz).

All in all this entire essay will cover all the major points that would favour the proposed topic and will critically analyze the perspectives negating the topic of choice.

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