Assignment Steel

Assignment Steel
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The selection of materials for the paper clip manufacturing is important. The material should have a mechanical property of sustainability, durability, and elastic. Physically, the paper clip should be user friendly, it needs to be in a shape which does not hurt the user. The material types of the paper clip can include alloy, metal, steel, stainless steel, or sometimes plastic. The type of material which is better for the paper clip is stainless steel, which is more durable, nonmagnetic than the other metals in the market, and also is efficient in cost.

While the selection and starting the production material, it should be as ductile as it is. It should be of good quality, not the one before, which was made like it is of a good quality. The wire should have durability and power at the same time. In order to make the wire in oval shape, uniform sequence of the wire is finished, which is acceptable. As, the product needs to be bent, to make an oval shape wire, the uniform shape of the product can be finished. The cut ends of the wire after separating, needs to be safe with safety covers on the ends.

In order to make a desired shape i.e. oval gem shape, heating is required and is also the process of the paper clip. Other than corrosion resistance, the clip should be tidy in forms of steel. Buffing, shine, colorful coating can also be done after the corrosion on the clip. The coating should be applied after the finished product, which needs to be parallel and does not give any gaps in the clip. It can be done in hot liquid type coating, which will increase the dimension of the clip but will not effect the shape. Stainless steel is the best form of metal to be used in paper clip, as it is durable and provides more strongness to the clip. It is also nonmagnetic, and which is also required in a paper clip, to reduce the stress of sticking papers and clips to each other when you don’t want it.


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