What was the environment in which you were raised? Describe your family, home, neighborhood or community, and explain how it has shaped you as a person.

environment in which you were raised
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My childhood is a memory I would never expect to be ruined or vanished because that was the most beautiful time of my life. I am grateful for all the happiness I enjoyed due to my parents, teachers, and friends. Initially, I was located in Washington, and my father is a government official, and he is in the service for more than fifteen years. My mother is a social worker and secures managerial post in her NGO. She initially worked home-based as her priorities were family, home, and children. I admire both of them in making perfect decisions for my life when I was a child and unable to take steps for my prosperous future.

My father was mostly occupied due to long foreign tours because his department was dealing with the foreign affairs, so my mother needed to stay at home for caring me and my elder brother and sister. Public schooling is usually based on ethical development and helps in understanding the social norms of the society. My mother has served a long time as a volunteer in the public schools, and I have a proper attachment with the public schools as I have spent my maximum part of the day over there during my childhood.

The environment of the area was positive, and everything was disciplined and well managed by the authorities. My mother worked over there, and I joined as a student. Afterwards, I used to help the junior students as well as kids of primary school to complete their homework and other necessary academic tasks. The community in which I grew was very helping and have a significant impact on my personal development. I could be a self-centered individual as I saw many people around me in the Texas and California but my mother and the environment of the public school helped me a lot to become a right person.

The neighboring areas of my home included playgrounds, markets, and a few houses. There was very less social interaction among the neighbors that’s why our family preferred the public schooling. I have managed to learn some other skills in which maintaining good health and clean environment, choosing good friends, helping others and giving back. Due to these qualities, I can help others and stabilize myself financially as well as education wise.

Relocating for California to join the California State University Fullerton was my dream as some best public and motivational speakers are teaching First Aid and healthcare in the campus, and I admired them when they visited the public school I used to go. It was complicated to adjust to the new environment but after sometimes I joined the social groups of students to help the needy students and to give support to the students with weak academics.

My interest in medical education was because I have goals to provide efficient training improvements in the government as well as on private sector healthcare institutions. I already have skills to handle the crowd by my speaking and management skills, and i am looking forward to some better opportunities to enhance my medical education and working skills.

At this age, most of my friends know decidedly less about the social issues and the problems people are facing in the professional world, but because of my parents and my regular involvement with the professionals of the socially active departments, I can handle most of the problems of myself as well as others. I can proudly express that I am an excellent example of my parents and my best teachers who helped me a lot to groom me thoroughly.

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