Considering nursing as your first-choice major, discuss how your current and future academic activities, extracurricular pursuits and life experiences will help you achieve your goals.

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I remember when I was a child, my father was a busy person and he had very less time for his family. We lived in Bowie Washington United States, and my father is a government official. He has to manage long tours outside the country for managing the country’s problems in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and many other countries where the USA troops were deployed. My father knew that any of his tours could be his last ones because of walking into the uncertain lands which could blow him anytime anywhere so, my parents decided to let me and my brothers and sisters learn the way of living and to serve others as well.

I have recently completed my high school education at Newport Senior High School Washington. I have a hope to join a medical institute where I could be able to become a nurse to serve the people in peace and war.

My parents during my initial education linked me with the public schooling and since my mother is a doctor and she works as a physician at Providence Hospital. That’s why she tried hard to keep me connected with the social works. It was fruitful for me, and I initially used to study and play at Public schools, but later on, I used to teach the young kids to help them out in their academics. As I finished my high school my parents allowed me for boarding and living in the hostels which is beneficial for me to join one of the best medical institutes to serve the nation as my family does.

My current high school education, as well as my engagement with the public schools as a social worker, makes me perfect naturally for the service for the people. During my start of high school, I worked as an assistant for the private medical center. I have learned some basics about providing treatment to the patients and the personal behavior maintenance which helps in winning the patient’s confidence. During my assistantship over the medical center, I have watched the pains on people’s faces and the most reforming time in my life came when four beautiful girls were taken into the emergency. They injured in a severe accident and due to the lack of staff at that time I was supposed to give them first aid by cleaning their wounds and vaccinating them of titans. After that time, I build a dream to work in the nursing sector. I am looking forward to completing my education as soon as possible so that I should be able to start my dream career. This will be a fantastic time of my life.

In the second semester of my school, I worked as a helper for some NGOs in different educational and sports institutes for providing awareness to the people about securing their health and keeping away from obesity, alcohol, and drugs as they are the worst enemies of an American citizen.

Due to all these experiences as well as one official training of primary medical care provider would help me to take admission in the nursing. Nursing is the only career which could thoroughly engage me in social work. I would be able to work as a volunteer for the medical centers with staff deficiencies and are operating under the trust’s supervisions.

My work for this field is not as much but since my mother is engaged actively in the medical field so I will work with her on the volunteer basis. Furthermore also will do my masters so that I could be able to open my own nursing home and operate it properly.

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