Describe an experience that demonstrates your interest and commitment to your chosen health profession.

experience that demonstrates your interest and commitment
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I am a high school student and lives in Washington DC. My father is working in American high commission London. Due to his busy schedules and costly relocations we preferred to stay in our homeland. My father had a tough time while starting his career and he didn’t want that his children to suffer that time. Therefore he engaged me in social work and welfare activities since I was a child because my elder brother was groomed under my father’s supervision and he gave him all the required lessons and training to be a perfect activist.

I had no aims in my life in very initial stages, and because of my father and my elder brother, I was able to become beneficial for the society. Now since I am about to finish my high school, I am looking forward to opportunities to narrow down my interests for choosing a profession. I have developed an interest to become a social worker and appropriate training in the healthcare like a nurse. It would help me to groom my skills concerning providing service to the public. My brother had an excellent profile of working in Texas, Mexico, and China for giving refuge to the people affected due to the natural disasters.

I had a chance to visit the schools in the rural areas of Alaska to help the teachers and children of how to use the First aid for giving support to the injured ones in an emergency. My interest was already developer in the healthcare, but after that day it became a passion. We were demonstrating all the possible techniques to save a dummy body from dying. At that moment a boy fell from the window of some class and found unconscious. Instructor as well as team leader rushed towards him and gave him the proper treatment as well as examined all parts of his body by applying pressures to check the status of the bones. In all that time I was with him and helping him to treat the boy. For the first time in my life, I was working on a real incident. The teachers and security officials tried to keep away the crowd but my team lead after examining the child as he is no more in an unconscious condition after giving him first aid, moved the body in a situation so that everyone could view it. In front of all of us including the school students, he cleaned the injury areas and applied the injection of titans.

My commitment to the healthcare social work strengthened, and I never stepped back in any chance to attend any training. I have a vast experience in the organization of the medical camp and working as the volunteer as well as paid member of the teams. The commitment to the work could be defined in a sense that I worked free of cost without concerning of any reward. Most of my duties and participation were a volunteer who let me learn some skills to manage people psychologically so that they won’t be panic of the pain caused during the treatment process.

After completion of my high school, I have a plan to relocate to some better university in California or Los Angeles. Choosing a health profession requires a proper and permanent commitment as well as complete attention in the learning period. This deals with the human life and no doubt, little errors could lead to terrible and unrecoverable damage. I am very good at doing my job and have an excellent commitment to it. Moreover, I also have the relevant pre-skills and psychological stability for keeping sustained in the healthcare profession.

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