Types of Industrial Cooling Water Chiller

Types of Industrial Cooling Water Chiller
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What is Water Chiller?

Water chillers are employed in a wide range of air conditioning and process cooling applications. They produce cold water that is then transported throughout a facility via pumps and pipes. This cold water can be passed through coil tubes to cool the air in an air conditioning application, or it can be used to cool a manufacturing or industrial process.

Industrial Cooling Water Chiller Types:

Chillers that reciprocate

These systems compress the refrigerant using a piston and chamber. Any of the 12-tone models sold by North Slope Chillers has a reciprocating compressor.

Chillers for Scroll Compressors

Air and water coolers both use scroll compressors. These chillers compress the refrigerant using two spiral plates (one stationary and one rotating). For the 1 and 2-tonne models, scroll compressors are used.

Chillers with Screw Drive

Screw chillers, which are used in both water and air chillers, are ideal for small to medium cooling loads. These chillers are typically available in capacities ranging from 70 to 600 tonnes. Screw compressors compress the refrigerant using two interlocking rotating helical rotors.

Our experts have designed and developed a wide range of Chilling Plant, Air Cooled Chilling Plant, and Water Cooled Chilling Plant. In a closed loop system, a chilling plant is a mechanical device that facilitates heat exchange from water to a refrigerant. After that, the refrigerant is pumped to a location where the waste heat is released into the atmosphere. We provide a chilling plant with high efficiency and functionality. We are a leading manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of Cooling Systems such as Industrial Water Chillers, Air Cooling Systems, Water Cooling Systems, and Brine Chilling Plants.

Chilling Plant Applications

Water chilling plants are useful for a variety of applications, as illustrated below.

  1. Food and beverage manufacturing
  2. Pharmaceutical production
  3. Chemical synthesis
  4. Dairy Industries, Plastic Industries, and Many More…

The Value of a Chilling Plant

Chilling plants keep items cold during production and storage, and they can also chill process water or other liquids. A water chiller plant is an essential machine for any business that uses a lot of water. Without a water chiller facility, businesses would have to spend a lot of money on ice to keep their water cool.

A water chiller plant allows businesses to keep their water at a constant temperature while saving money. As a result, chilling facilities play an important role in a variety of industries.


Because food must be kept chilled, refrigeration plants are critical to the proper operation of the refrigerator. Food retains its freshness for a longer period of time due to the low temperature. The primary goal of refrigeration is to reduce the activity of bacteria, which are present in all foods and contribute to food degradation. For example, milk left on the kitchen counter at room temperature for a few hours may become contaminated by germs. If the temperature is lowered, the milk will keep for one to two weeks. Germ activity is significantly reduced when the refrigerator is cold. The milk can be refrigerated to prevent harmful bacteria from growing and to keep it fresh for several months.

There are numerous reasons why a screw chiller may be the best option for your HVAC requirements.

  1. Highly-efficient
  2. Low upkeep and cost
  3. Design is lightweight and compact.

Energy savings are significant when compared to other types of chillers.

Screw chillers are also extremely versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications. There are a few things to consider when shopping for a screw chiller. First, you must determine how much capacity you require. Second, you must determine whether you want a water-cooled screw chiller or another type.

The type of compressor used in water chillers that use the vapour-compression refrigeration cycle varies. Smaller chillers typically use reciprocating and scroll compressors. In medium-sized chillers, helical-rotary (or screw) compressors are commonly used. Larger chillers typically use centrifugal compressors.

A water chiller is a device that reduces the temperature of the water. The most advanced chillers circulate refrigerant in an unrestricted circle. System for lubricating heat relations in water where the refrigerant is also pumped to a location where waste heat is relocated to the atmosphere.

Finally, you’ll need to locate reputable Screw chillers manufacturers who can provide you with an excellent solution for your HVAC applications.

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