The roles of women and men

The roles of women and men
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Roles of women and men have changed drastically as compared to fifty years back. In my work, I will explain how roles have undergone change for a period of fifty years; how women were in the last fifty years and how they are, now and why these changes have occurred. Fifty years back at the start of deliberation and delegation of duties households, women were considered as childbearing tools and marriage was regarded as their sole destiny. Their curriculum in schools reflected their their roles as women and it only prepared them for marriage and nothing else. Domestic sciences in schools were specified for them and they learnt skills of how to cook and many other marriage life skills. Men were considered as te family heads and sole breadwinners. Men were also considered the disciplinarians in our families and a woman could not disciple a child but report the issue to the husband for action. It was the role of the father to ensure obedience and respect dwelled in the house. Father was the only person considered role model and everything was upon him in the entire family. Mothers taught their daughters how to be mothers in the future and the father taught his sons how to be fathers in the future. All this have changed drastically and the women and men we see today are totally different. We see women to day being in payrolls and they work to earn their own income. They have been incorporated in the workforce, which was meant for only men in the past. Many women today stay much longer in education just as the males do and marriage is no longer considered as their main role in life. They nowadays provide for the family alongside fathers and the disciplinary role is not the duty of fathers alone but also women’s.

The roles of men and women have changed in the last 50 years thus the change in the roles of women and men. I also intend to give valid reasons that have instigated these changes. The roles of men and women 50 years ago are so different from their current roles today. 50 years women mostly attended to social issues that mostly revolved around family tasks, this fete forced most girls to drop out of school at early stages as their education was seen to be worthless. They then got married off where they performed their family tasks and were very dependent on the income of their husbands since they did not have any jobs. Even the lucky few that managed to study and get jobs were still forced to drop their jobs once they got married as they submitted to their husbands. This meant that women had less power in and outside their homes. With time, things changed and women were now allowed to pursue education that they had for long been denied. The above roles shows how roles have diversely changed and now we have a completely different world as it was in the past. Nowadays we even see fathers in the kitchens cooking as their wives rest and the opposite was true in the past.

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