The Mirror Line in the Saudi Desert: An Emblem of Futuristic Real Estate Approaches

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With the rapid growth of technology and digitization, the real estate industry has seen unprecedented growth. In recent times, efforts are being made to take technology to the next level along with simultaneous attempts to make things eco-friendly. So, potentially, future real estate will revolutionize and change the concept of living.

Where many countries are taking their own initiatives to make the world a place worth living with sustainable architectural plans including futuristic homes, Saudi Arabia has been a precedent in the field with several mega-projects related to green building.

The diverse geography of Saudi Arabia has been leading its architects to peculiar housing designs since the distant past. As of now, the nation has greatly focused on innovative green building constructions promising prospective inhabitants a lofty lifestyle. After the awe-inducing skyscraper constructions, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman recently announced plans for a utopian skyscraper city amidst the Arabian deserts as a part of the NEOM project.

What Is the NEOM Project?

The NEOM project unveils plans for an utterly futuristic megacity worth $500 billion. The high-tech city is planned to be located in Tabuk province in northwest Saudi Arabia, encompassing a total of 26,500 sq. km. along the Red Sea.

The term NEOM was coined by adjoining two words — Neo, meaning new, and Mustaqbal, the Arabic word meaning future. Thus, the name NEOM signifies a new, promising future for the upcoming generations. Apart from signifying an unprecedented future for the later generations, the authorities also declared the creation of a huge number of job opportunities with the NEOM project.

As the plan shows, this megacity is going to be constructed completely from renewable energy. The plan involves the nation’s attempts to create a grand tourist attraction with all human requisites including towns, cities, education zones, research centers, etc. It’s like a tough vision having the potential to change the future of human civilization on earth.

The NEOM project is part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 framework strategized to reduce Saudi Arabia’s oil dependence, diversify its economy, and develop public service sectors. Provided that, NEOM is designed to initiate a new model for urban sustainability with concerns for global development, community health, and productive use of technology. The Saudi authorities have kept 2025 as the prospective completion year for this project.

The Mirror Line

A part of the NEOM project, The Line is a next-level architectural design to build a 170-kilometer-long linear futuristic city in the Saudi desert. Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced the plans for this project in a press release published on 25th July 2022. The press release mentions the project to be “a civilizational revolution that puts humans first, providing an unprecedented urban living experience while preserving the surrounding nature”.

As per the plans, this city is going to be constructed with 100% renewable energy including solar, wind, and hydrogen. The city initiates the idea of zero-gravity urbanism, which signifies the idea of layering city functions vertically where people can move seamlessly in three dimensions (up, down, and across).

This 100% sustainable city including green buildings is going to change the concept and the future of real estate and the traditional ideas of cities. The interesting thing is that the whole city will be one single building that will be built 500 meters (1,640 ft.) above sea level. On the other hand, there will be no cars, no roads, and no emissions.

Devoted to nature and prioritized community health, 95% of the land here will be preserved for nature. Although health is prioritized over transportation, the inhabitants will be provided with all necessary facilities within a 5-minute walk. Plus, a high-speed rail is also planned within this project that will also run with the help of green energy. This rail will make people travel from one to the other end of the city within 20 minutes.

Containing a glass facade for the two linear borders, The Line is also known as The Mirror Line. The mirror finish is aimed at merging the structure with the surrounding nature. Although it will encompass a total length of 105 miles, the width is planned to be just 200 m (656 ft.). This skyscraper city will accommodate approximately 9 million people.

When it comes to The Line, urban development with cutting-edge technology and environmental preservation will go hand in hand here. Thus, when completed, this utopian land on earth will blur the conventional myth of technological advancements always leading to environmental crises.

In a sentence, this innovative linear city will serve as the doorway to a new era of urban life beyond every materialistic or environmental problem.

Summing It Up: The Future of Real Estate

Recently, the real estate industry has also stepped into the technological revolution reigning the globe. However, The Line is somehow beyond traditional practical knowledge, and closer to a dream. Since any starting or completion date of the project is not mentioned yet, only time will tell of the success rate of this visionary project. But, it’s sure that it will add a new chapter to the future of the real estate market and trends with its futuristic architecture.

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