The 1918 World Series

The 1918 World Series
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On September 5, 1918, the world Baseball series was in town hosting both the Chicago Cubs as well as Boston Red Sox. The games were played at Comiskey Park which was the home ground for the white sox since the place had any fans compared to their new home Weegham Park at Wrigley Field. Comiskey Park was a baseball park that was located in bridge point community on the southwest side of the city. The park hosted four World Series with more than 6000 major leagues; it is a famous site of many other sporting events including the 1937 heavyweight match. During that time it was a modern park since it was among the three steel and concrete stadiums in major leagues. It was named after the owner Charles Comiskey who was the owner (Pennington).

However, due to war tensions and jittery over bombing the game did not attract as many fans as it was expected. The fans who came were only 20, 000 which was the smallest number recorded in years for a World Series crown. The fans did not make much noise since they feared. Babe Ruth was on the pitch, and he was ready to pitch the red sox. The band from the Navy training station started to play the song by the name star spangled banner which was a famous primary song that was played in the previous years. To show respect for the flag players took off their caps as they face the direction in which the flag got fluttered on a pole on the right side of the field.

Fred Thomas was a Red Sox infielder, and he was in the army during the series, was the only one who was not singing. Immediately after the Wiscon heard the melody, he put off his hat and turned towards the flag and gave a military salute. At the moment only a few fans were singing but then other joined and therefore the field was rolled with the great melodies with significant volumes. After the Anthem came to an end, the spectators exploded into louder applause and filled the air with cheers which marked the day highest excitement. The 1918 series marked the first time when The Star Spangled Banner has performed in a league especially a baseball league.

At the 7th inning stretch of game 1, the song was played by the band since the country was among the nations participated in the World War 1. The song became the US national anthem in 1931, and during the World War 2, the playing of the song became regular. It became a regular thing that before any baseball match or any other sporting event the song must be sung first. Babe Ruth who was a trait of baseball at that time gets mentioned in the anthem. However, after that game, where the Red Sox won the owner of the Red Sox traded Babe Ruth to New York Yankees whereby he escalated the team to be a world champion and record holders. Red Sox on the other side were believed to be cursed since it went for 89 years without winning any championship.

Attendants of the 1918 World Series were very disappointed by bad weather as well as the adverse concerns on the ongoing war which made some of the players who were soldiers not to participate in the game. However, the good thing is that the ticket price had not been raised. The World Series was planned to open on September 4, but it was postponed by rain to September 5. Additionally, Americans were affected by the war to the extent that the game almost did not happen.

However, due to the respects of soldiers, the official ought to postpone the game between the Red Sox and the Cubs but after realizing that the soldiers were anxious on knowing the results the game was set to take place on September. On that particular day, Thomas Red Sox third baseman leads the re-edition of the Star Spangled Banner which leads to the New York Times recap, not on the game but instead on Thomas performance.

At the moment the song was not the National Anthem but the Anthem of the Navy and Army, but Times referred it as the National Anthem. As a result of the enthusiasm, patriotism, as well as the sentiment, went a long way in the song the US National anthem. The song was performed in most of the sporting events primarily in the Baseball games even during the World War II. It was until 1931 when president Herbert signed it into the official National Anthem.

Only a few fans started to sing the song may be due to the tension of the war they did not want to shout, but gradually all the fans were singing the song. They joined others and when it came to the final note, a volume of the powerful and sweet melody of the song rolled across the whole field. In the end, the onlookers were delighted and one could observe it through the thunderous applause which filled the air in the filled and marked the day happiness. The good thing is that the celebrations and cheers could be seen as a way of reducing tensions and fear among the fans. The composer of the song Philip Sous was not on the field but was the one who composed the parts of the song that would be performed that particular event.

Immediately in the first game the band began to sing the song and Fred towards the flag and gave it the American Salute. All the players followed him and hands over their hearts as well as the standing crowd started to sing.

After the game where the Cubs lost the game and Red Sox carried the day, there was speculation that the cubs fixed the game. In 1920 Eddie letter was found in the museum but that was a reliable source since he was chased out the series, and maybe that was the reasons why he said that his fellow players were paid to fix the game. The suspense is very unfortunate that a very recreational match like baseball may get destroyed because of one person. Additionally, the awful uncertainty is when Babe Ruth received a denial an opportunity to be a baseball manager. It was so unfortunate that they would rely on his past behaviors in his career as a player in determining his future as a manager. It would be so unhappy if the team that has lasted for the last 20th c has become tainted. The fans are too loyal since they have supported the team for so long despite the fact that they had faced a long time drought without any tittle Red Sox fans are still there to help the team. Babe was the star during this time when he was playing for Red Sox. He even pitches a shout out from the Anthem.

Both the cubs and the Red Sox were very upset that the team owners were not paying their share and salaries. Most of the players strike because they were not paid their revenue share for the game. That is why most of them did not attend the series.

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