Should academic achievement be a primary concern for college admission?

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In today’s contemporary world, most of the people highlights the importance of education. This is the reason it has become imperative that students studies hard to have a better future. Of course, there are many renowned universities across the globe that are producing many world-renowned personalities however the academic achievement is not the sole determining factor of someone’s worthiness especially when taking admission in institutes for higher education. This research essay will conclude whether academic achievement is necessary to get admission in college or not.

Academic achievement is just a milestone when determining a student’s reliability, life experience, success in life and its worth. Well-roundedness must be the key feature when a candidate is selected for college admission. Well-rounded means the Character, Ethics, Foresightedness, and Leadership skills. Character is an umbrella and all other qualities come under it. The character of a person determines what a person is, what he has been gone through and what is his capabilities and potential under bad situations(Taiwo and Tyolo).

Choosing a college for studies has long term consequences on the future of students. Zwick (2013) suggests that choosing a college will impact the future of a person. In easy words, going to college will help a student to start a new chapter and preparing for different challenges in life whereas the rejection of an application will cause demotivation(Berkowitz and Hoekstra). Limiting a person’s evaluation only to academic achievement is not correct, it is also linked to character building. Another benefit of a good college education is that people who are graduate have more chances to get employed and paid higher salaries than those who don’t study. Higher-level education is not only important because of employment and higher wages but is also reshapes the character of an individual.

Researches have figure out the determinants of academic success of a student and how these factors affect the students because the students belong to different culture, race, and traditions. These factors are intellectual and non-intellectual factors and they include many diversities because of students.

Another important factor is the environment that directly affects the success of an individual. This includes the relationship with family, peers, and friends. This is a social factor. It is observed that if parents belong to an educated family then education have a great influence on their children than parents which are less educated. Educated families know the importance of education for their children’s future, career and betterment(Kern and Friedman).

Academic success is the key feature because it showcase the positive outcome of the student after graduation. A positive outcome can be brought by motivating students and by providing them high-quality teaching guidelines because it is the teachers who build the future of any nation(Lleras-Muney).

In conclusion, getting admission to a college is not an easy process. Good grades in school helps in getting admission in the college. However, there is something more than the overall academic success, which are Character, Ethics, and Foresightedness. Leadership sadly is not an important feature. Many of the most successful persons in the world are not graduated and did not attend college. Bill Gates and late Steve Jobs are among them. They were not graduates of any high institutes but still, they got succeeded in the world with their intelligence So, it is claimed that other individualities also constitute a well-rounded individual.

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