Rear Window: Lisa’s Monologue

Rear Window: Lisa’s Monologue
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I like Jeff a lot. He may not know it, but I do. He tends to think of me as a sexual object. However, I will put in the effort and prove to him that I am more than that. I am willing to do this because I understand his life and, therefore, will work to change his perception of it. He appears to be broken and weak. It may be because he has been in a wheelchair for quite some while. Maybe he thinks that his life has lost meaning, or perhaps he believes that he will never get out of the wheelchair or Perhaps he is just sad that will never again be the great photographer he may have wanted to be. All these may be the reasons as to why he sits in the house all day doing absolutely nothing. Does he even want a better home than he is currently living in? I mean, look at his place (Boyd & Palmer, 2010). His lifestyle is rough and tumbles. He probably thinks that I will not fit in. But at this day and age, I think all men have the confidence to bag any woman they like. Maybe Jeff thinks just because I am a supermodel. I will not be comfortable living in such a house with him.

I feel like Jeff needs to change his approach to things. Just because he is living such a stressful lifestyle does not mean that he should take me for granted.Probably in his mind, he thinks that I am a precious and spoilt kid and that I only want to waste his time. However, this is a perception of me that he has to stop having. I am a woman in love and just like any other woman that is in love; I would do anything to make sure that I win his heart. I am a go-getter. I have worked hard for everything that I have in this life (Milani et al. 2010). Was all this in vain? Does the fact that I am well off prevent me from getting any man I want to be with? Should I change my career path and be like any other average woman? Must I be poor for Jeff to understand that I love him truly?

He spends all day staring through his window. He engages himself in things that do not involve him. Right now, he thinks that he can solve a murder case that he is not even sure of it. He is just making up scenarios in his head. Additionally, this has taken up much of his time until he is not able to give me the attention I need. I am a woman, and I need enough attention from the person I am dating just like any other woman. I am not different. Maybe, if I start helping him solve the cases he is trying to explain, I will get more of his attention and also get to understand him better. With time, I may even get to make him know that what he is doing is not right and that he needs to stop. How would the neighbours feel if they knew that there is someone that is continually stalking them? But again, if I do this, he may think that I am not being supportive of what he is doing, and this will only worsen the relationship between us. I am confused about what to do. But then I need to spend time with him and get a little attention from him.Therefore, this means that I have to get myself involved in what he is doing in any way possible.

With my plans, I will get close to Jeff and even probably suggest that he moves in with me to a better house. This way, I may try to make him a better man than he is. However, I do not know how he will take in this idea. He seems to be comfortable with what he has. But then that does not mean that he has no desire to get a better life. I would be glad if I become the one that made him better. I love him, and this is what loved ones do for each other, but then, at this day and age, men are so chauvinistic (Howe, 2008). They think that they should be the breadwinners and that the lady should be submissive and perform her wifely duties. If I take this move and ask him to move in with me and it fails, he will probably hate me for life. Therefore, everything seems so confusing. I do not know how to approach this situation. However, I will keep trying; I will even pretend not to be interested in modelling just to be with him. I will stop reading modelling magazines in his presence.

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