Personal Statement

Personal Statement
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I am an intelligent and highly qualified graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business. As I am working with you since a good period of time and have tried my best to prove myself perfect for the job. I am a motivate professional and have practical skills in a diverse range of industries. My areas of expertise matches to my current job title as a project coordinator.

I work in a methodical manner and have preference to complete my tasks carefully and efficiently. I am very much enthusiastic about my career and always keeps myself enrolled in learning activities and successfully completed my all related certifications. Due to these certifications and training as well as my quality studies during my bachelors I can express myself as a well-known to the job which I am doing and I am highly groomed while working here as well.

I have an aim to secure the position as a manager because I have been working hard to achieve my goals to reach at this point from sales associate to project support agent and now working as a project coordinator with a positive impact on my coworkers and managerial layer as well.

The purpose of writing this personnel statement is to explain that I am working for the company to secure a capital to continue my studies and have recently enrolled in Masters of Sciences in Operations and Supply chains.

My current education is completely relevant to my job description as I am working for a telecommunication company and my role is to work with the live clients and teams working on the site including the solution Architects as well as implementation Engineers for delivery plans. Moreover, I also work in the coordination of the engineering teams as well as the support teams for ensuring the correct and appropriate handover on the tasks given to them throughout the process. This field of work is exactly mentioned on my curriculum vitae as customer interaction and project management.

Furthermore I also work for getting ensured that all the tasks are accomplished by the engineering team and are acknowledged by the support team as well as the customer satisfaction replies and feedbacks are also considered while the orders are completed for further improvements in the processes.

Since the work becomes sensitive when we have to deal with the clients who are located in officially secured premises and those clients should be supplied the goods and services with a proper process with getting permission from the councils and extra charges are also paid to the third party and engineering teams for their necessary security checks. I can profoundly explain myself as working for more than five years in dealing with sensitive clients and situations.

I am also responsible for the flow of communication among the clients, support teams and on spot engineers working. The proper ad appropriate details are provided to everyone. This network is highly sophisticated and even a single missing entity will create confusion and problems.

My abilities of working in a diversity of operation being managed at a time as well as to handle a number of teams at a time makes me perfect for my current job as well as to get successful moves in my current field of work. I have very good negotiation as well as discussion skills to clear my points which let me filtered out of many people working in the same field.

My purpose of doing master in Operations and supply chain is to enhance my career and to further groom my managerial skills of doing core processes so that I could be able to switch to other departments for opening to new learning environments.

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