How to teach or maintain positive resilience and positive emotions among young adults 

How to teach or maintain positive resilience and positive emotions among young adults 
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Resilience has often been associated with the capability to stumble upon positive feelings amidst negative existence occasions (Fredrickson, Tugade, Waugh, and Larkin, 2003) and while recollecting negative events (Tugade and Fredrickson, 2004). Research has likewise demonstrated that strong people can self-produce those positive emotions seeing that they will be predisposed to coordinate and partner beyond poor lifestyles occasions with other positive past events’ inner memory structures (Philippe, Lecours, and Beaulieu-Pelletier, 2009).

The variables of the project will be ways of maintaining or teaching positive resilience and positive emotions.

Data collection will be done by using a convenient purposive sampling technique. Participants will be the teachers of universities between the age ranges of 25-40 years. A mixed method will be used. In the first phase, the quantitative method will be used to screen and get the required sample for the next phase, which is the qualitative phase. In the qualitative phase, interviews will be conducted to know the experiences of the people and their suggestions about maintaining and teaching positive resilience and positive emotions.

Analysis for the quantitative phase is just descriptive statistics, but for the qualitative phase, thematic analysis will be used for data analysis.

The project will focus on teaching and maintaining positive resilience and positive emotions among young adults as in this era, people are more prone to anxiety, depression, sense of loneliness because of negative emotional experiences. It will help young adults to manage their lives better than they are managing it now. It will be great work as people now they are under the influence of negative thoughts and emotions, but most of them don’t know how to manage them. It will be helpful for psychiatrists and psychologists as well as for educationists.

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