How to revamp your home with stylish round rugs

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Upgrade your space by adding designer round carpets to your home decor

If you are bored of the current vibe and interiors of your home and want to revamp its entire mood and look, placing a round rug or a round carpet can be a very smart, convenient, and creative idea. Follow our guide to understand how and why modern round rugs are the hottest trend in the home decor arena and how can you use them to refresh the vibe of your home.

What makes round rugs a must for every home?

Round rugs add a rich look: Placing round rugs creates a rich, cosy, and inviting look for your space that makes it look more classy and elegant. There are several traditional round rugs online that can easily create a posh look within a room.

Round rugs make a small space appear larger: Round rugs can make a room feel visually larger by softening the hard furniture edges and creating a balanced and defined space. If you live in an apartment, choosing living room round rugs can be a smart idea. 

Round rugs add a balance: They unify and balance the space with the nature of their shape. If a room or space has a messy look, it can be balanced by placing a round rug in the centre.

Round rugs create boundaries: If you want to define each space in your home and create boundaries, placing round rugs can be the ideal choice. If you have an open-plan home, place a round rug beneath a round table or seating area to define that particular space.

Round rugs have several varieties and styles: What makes round rugs a must-have home décor accessory is the fact that they are available in so many different colours, patterns, designs, and materials that it becomes very easy for you to pick the one that matches the vibe of your space. From round rugs for living rooms to modern round rugs for outdoor spaces, there are a number of options available online and you can easily select the best rug for the different rooms in your home.

5 tips for styling your home with round rugs:

Round rugs for living room: The living room is the first place that your guests see when they enter your home and hence it is very important to make the first impression a great one. If you want to draw your guest’s attention to your living room and make it look balanced and connected, place a round rug in the centre of your living room. You can also let the furniture sit on the perimeter of the round rug to give it a classy and elegant look. There are several traditional round rugs online that can make your living room have a vintage look.

Pro tip: Avoid placing all your furniture on the rug as it can make your living space feel compact.

Round rugs for the dining room: When styling your dining room with a round rug, always go for a larger size to ensure that the chairs don’t get tripped up on the rug. Placing a large-sized rug allows the chairs to move to and from the table avoiding any kind of discomfort. Also, always make sure that the dining room rug is placed away from the walls to avoid making your dining space feel congested.

Pro tip: There is nothing more stylish than placing a round rug under a square dining table, it makes your space look contemporary and unique!

Round rugs for bedroom: There are several options available in the market that can help you choose the best round rug for your bedroom. Placing a round rug in the bedroom can be comforting and also add warmth and texture to your bedroom. If you have a small bedroom with a queen-sized bed, place a 3-foot diameter rug on either side of the bed. If you have a bigger bedroom with a king-sized bed, place a 4 feet rug beneath your bed and don’t forget to keep the edges out.     

Pro tip: Don’t forget to match your bedroom rug with your walls and bedding.

Round rugs for patio: When styling your patio or balcony with round rugs, always go for modern round rugs as they add a certain charm to your outdoor spaces and make them look more inviting and visually appealing. Also, when choosing the round rugs for outdoor spaces, always go for materials like synthetic and nylon as they are stain-resistant and don’t fade easily in sunlight.

Round rugs for hallways: The size of the round rug for your hallway will depend on the size and area of your entrance or hallway space. You can place oriental or geometrical round rugs in your hallways to create a classy and vibrant look. Also, use a non-slip rug pad for the round rug in your hallway to keep the rug from sliding or slipping.

Once you have chosen the right kind of round rug or carpet for your space, it is very important to keep it clean, stain-free, and protect it from any kind of damage. If we take good care of rugs, they can last a lifetime. The only trick is to understand the different ways and techniques to keep your rugs free from dust, debris, and damage. This mini guide will help you keep your rugs and carpets clean, new, and longer!

How to take care of your round rugs: Cleaning hacks

Round rugs cleaning hacks—Vacuum regularly: Vacuuming on a regular basis might be one of the most obvious and common rug cleaning techniques but it is important to understand why. If you vacuum your round rugs at least once or twice a week, it not only prevents the dirt and debris from sticking to the root of the fabric but also removes the dust which is not seen by the naked eye. However, when vacuuming, always use the suction-only feature instead of the rotary brush to avoid causing any kind of damage to the material of the round rug.

Pro tip: When vacuuming the round rug or carpet, ensure that your dust the carpet underside as well.

Round rugs cleaning hacks—keep the shoes away: Shoes are the main source of dirt, debris and dust on the rugs and hence it’s best to keep the shoes away from them. Ask your guests politely to remove their shoes outside the home and avoid stepping on the rugs with shoes on as much as possible. Shoes not only make the rugs dirty but also damage the fabric of the rugs.

Round rugs cleaning hacks—clean the stains and spillages immediately:  We often make the mistake of taking some time before cleaning the stains and debris from the rugs which can further damage its fibre and make the stains permanent. The best way to make your carpets look fresh and new is by cleaning the spillages and stains immediately. If you spilled some coffee, food, or wine on your drink, use these home hacks to quickly get rid of them.

Quick DIY rug cleaning hacks:

A solution of warm water and vinegar: In case of wine or coffee stains, clean your rug with a solution of warm water and vinegar to prevent staining. You can use a cloth or sponge to gently clean the stains from the carpet.

Shaving cream: Not many people know this, but shaving cream is a great hack when it comes to getting rid of rug stains and is used by many professional rug cleaners. You can apply shaving cream to the affected area and let it dry. After 15-20 minutes, clean it using a sponge or cotton cloth.

Baking soda: Another great hack for cleaning your rugs immediately is using baking soda. After applying baking soda to the affected area, allow it to sit for at least 15 minutes and then clean it using a sponge or cotton cloth.

Break the monotony and create a vibrant mood in your living space by placing round rugs or round carpets

If you want to break the monotony in your living or bedroom and add a certain vibrant vibe to it, then placing a round rug can be the smartest decision. It not only makes a room look more inviting, charming, and appealing but also makes the space look larger and more refreshing. Round rugs are one of the best choices for those looking to revamp their space without making too many changes to their home décor.

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