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Over the past few years, people are becoming interested in understanding LinkedIn advertising better. So here are the insights from a LinkedIn Ads expert from a creative profile writing company. Here is how to get the most from your advertising budgets on LinkedIn. It would help if you had an impactful profile to distinguish yourself from the rest. Remember, ads only sound fruitful when they are utilized correctly. You need to bring ads to show to make your profile outstanding and rank in the LinkedIn algorithm. Here is a summary of the main things to know and understand, including lower-budget examples.


Firstly, creative profile writing companies will determine differences between paid search (Adwords and Bing Ads) versus advertising on social media (Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads). A quick comparison gives us this:


  • Positive point: People are looking for something specific (problem or solution)
  • Negative point: People are not necessarily the ones you are targeting


  • Positive point: People who we are targeting
  • Negative point: It is an interruption

The qualification model used by creative profile writing companies forms the acronym BANT: Budget, Authority, Need, Timing (right time). A lead from paid search usually scores well for the need and the right time. However, it does not always have the necessary budget or authority. If it comes from an advertisement via a social network, it is rather the reverse. It probably has the budget and the authority, but it does not need your products or services right now.


To explain his vision of things, take a structure for paid referencing (Google Adwords or Bing Ads). Because searches are done using keywords in these cases, the structure may look like this:

  • HRIS Software
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Startup HR Software

In terms of LinkedIn advertising, it is better to go there according to the targets. The targets can be consulted with the creative profile writing companies. The targets may include the following.

  • HR Directors
  • Human Resources VP’s
  • Talent Manager

To keep a history and better follow important metrics. It is best to create long-term campaigns where you can edit the ads. On LinkedIn, one of the metrics to follow is the Relevancy Score. It is built on two main factors: the clickthrough rate  (CTR) and recency.


It would be best if you do not miss anything when you are new to LinkedIn advertising. It is better to use tools to make your LinkedIn advertising better. If this is your first time, login or request access to the advertising tool and create your company page or request access to one of the administrators. It would help if you considered the following things.

  • Identify content
  • Landing pages
  • Select images
  • Create the advertisements
  • Sponsored content
  • Create audiences
  • Position, function, skills, groups
  • Set up conversion tracking
  • Choose auction mode

creative profile writing companies suggest that we avoid Stock photos and images reminiscent of the LinkedIn environment (high proportion of blue, gray and white) for sponsored content, negatively affecting campaigns. They often go unnoticed in the news feed.


There are currently several elements of LinkedIn advertising for us. For example, since LinkedIn advertising is of the Display type, it can saturate its audience, especially if you already post organically. You have to follow the indicators from creative profile writing companies to avoid this. There are four important segments to this.


It will help if you categorize your audience into different groups. Position, function, groups, skills, industry, company size, company name. People who visit LinkedIn think of work or career, which is different from Facebook


The more the content requires significant consideration, the more likely it is to avoid disappointing results.

  • Prioritize articles or infographics, white papers, and ebooks over webinars and direct selling
  • Targeted markets (economic model)
  • The cost per click is around $ 5 to $ 8 on average
  • The quality of leads is usually high (compared to other platforms)
  • You have to validate the economic model to make sure it is viable.


An important point that you will hear a bit everywhere is that LinkedIn is expensive. Your cost per click will indeed be greater than on other platforms, but you have to consider the return you get in the end. Your return on investment could be more interesting. You can discuss all these factors with a creative profile writing company to get the desired results.

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