SpyWarrior anti-malware, is it really so good?

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In today’s cybersecurity climate, it’s essential to have reliable anti-malware protection. But with so many anti-virus programs available, it can be difficult to choose the one that best suits users’ needs. To help users decide, here’s a quick review of a new anti-malware program SpyWarrior.

SpyWarrior anti-malware, is it really so good?

Developed by Lithuanian cybersecurity company Kibernetinio Saugumo Sistemos, SpyWarrior is an anti-malware program for Windows computers. It’s a very new program and its claims are certainly ambitious. But does it live up to the expectations? To find out, we have performed extensive tests, and here are the results.

SpyWarrior malware protection

No matter how well an anti-malware program may seem in theory, it’s important to test how it would perform in practice. According to the official website, SpyWarrior can protect computers from a wide range of infections, including adware, browser hijackers, spyware, viruses, trojans, keyloggers, ransomware, and other malware.

It’s worth mentioning that SpyWarrior has a very high less-serious threat detection rate compared to other vendors. Other, much bigger vendors commonly overlook threats like adware and browser hijackers because they don’t directly harm computers. However, while it’s true that they’re not serious infections, they can cause a lot of issues for users. SpyWarrior had no trouble detecting these threats during testing.

We also tested SpyWarrior against more serious threats, mainly trojans, as well as ransomware. The results were quite impressive with SpyWarrior being able to detect 99% of malware we tested it against.

The program also has real-time protection, which, we can say with confidence, works great. It is able to detect and block any malicious processes, preventing malware from being able to cause damage to computers/files.

SpyWarrior anti-ransomware

Ransomware is a significant threat not only for businesses and organizations but also for individual users. Thus, it’s essential that the anti-malware program of users’ choice provides anti-ransomware protection.

SpyWarrior’s anti-ransomware is presented as a reliable way to prevent ransomware infection but it’s important to test out how well the feature works in practice. To see it in action, SpyWarrior was tested against 40 different ransomware strains. The results were quite impressive because SpyWarrior was able to detect and block every single attempt to encrypt files. For such a young program, its ransomware protection is notable.

SpyWarrior interface

Besides the features, an anti-malware program’s interface and design are also important to consider. A large percentage of anti-virus program users are not particularly tech-savvy so it’s very important that users can easily use the program and take advantage of the offered features.

SpyWarrior’s design is nothing out of the ordinary for programs of this kind. However, the typical design is definitely not a bad thing because it works. It should be noted that SpyWarrior’s interface is very user-friendly. Features are clearly section, launching scans as well as changing settings is not difficult, and if users need help, instructions on how to use the program can be found on the program’s official website. Setting up an account is also quite easy, and again, users can find instructions on the site.

SpyWarrior Custom Support

It’s also worth reviewing SpyWarrior’s customer support. While there currently is no live chat option available, it’s not difficult to contact SpyWarrior’s customer support. It can be done via the program by filling in a ticket. It’s also worth mentioning that SpyWarrior technicians provide custom solutions when the program cannot deal with an issue automatically. All users need to do is fill in a ticket describing the issue, and an automatic solution would be sent to the program.

Does SpyWarrior have a free version?

There is a free SpyWarrior version available but it does not give access to the most important features. The free SpyWarrior version does allow scanning the computer for malicious threats but the removal feature will be inaccessible. To use the program’s full features, buying the premium version will be necessary.

SpyWarrior Price

SpyWarrior is very much an affordable anti-malware program, especially with the current discounts. The 1-year plan currently has a 51% discount so the price is €59/year (€4.92/month). And with the 67% discount, the 2-year plan is currently priced at €79/two years (€3.29/month). For users who do not want to commit long-term, there is a monthly plan for €10/month. All three plans provide licenses for 5 devices. It’s much cheaper to subscribe long-term but it’s understandable that not all users want to do that.

SpyWarrior also offers a 7-day free trial for users who wish to test out the program’s full features before buying a subscription. The trial is automatically initiated when users purchase either of the two long-term subscriptions. So users will not be charged until after the trial ends.

Is SpyWarrior a good anti-malware?

So the question is, is SpyWarrior a good anti-malware program. The answer to that is, undoubtedly, yes. It has a user-friendly interface, a nice design, and is more than affordable. But most importantly, it has great detection rates and provides excellent protection from malware, including ransomware.

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