Branding Strategies and Techniques

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Why do you purchase the cereal you do? Chances are the reason you’ve been choosing the same brand, or trying a new one is because you saw an advertisement recently about it. Or maybe the logo or design of the product sticks out in your head. Branding agencies San Diego are the people behind brands gaining popularity. Branding agencies specialize in a wide variety of services all to serve one goal; get the brand into people’s minds. There are a number of positions in a branding agency each tailored to meet specific skills. They find the clients weaknesses and strengths and assess what needs work. Brands are all unique when it comes time to tackle the strategy of branding a product. All roles have an important and specific function but together they have the same responsibility when it comes to protecting and growing a brand. Below I’ve outlined the many positions one can acquire when working for a branding agency.

Positions in Branding Agencies

Account Director

An account director is the link between the creative team and the client. They’re responsible for leading the team to provide the highest level of service, expand the business of the client and to push the client and agency creatively and strategically. The account director also ensures that the campaign is on time, in budget and achieves the strategic brand objectives. This positon implements marketing plans and oversees the marketing team developing the campaign. Account directors must have product knowledge and communication skills as they will be in contact with both the client and creative team. They must also have an eye for consumer needs and analyze trends for future opportunities.

Creative Director

The creative director has the overall responsibility for the quality of the final creative work. They oversee all the creative team’s ideas and projects. The creative director guides a team of creatives and have a strong vision for the brands creative campaign making sure the messaging and value fall under one voice and come through clearly in the work. They will have to pitch concepts to clients and oversee several projects making the position stressful with tight deadlines. The role is office based but the creative director will be expected to socialize with clients and attend industry events. The creative space is young and dynamic and needs to be in order to keep up with trends and the newest social media platforms.

Brand Strategist

The goal of the brand strategist is to ensure a consistent and effective brand message through research, analysis and market data trends. They will also need to provide reports on future growth areas as well as consumer data and information. A brand strategist knows the market, establishes brand standards, ensures consistency across all media channels and strengthens brand awareness. A brand strategist works in unison with a brand manager to ensure the client’s products and services, mission, values and brand image are consistently represented and communicated to the audience. Every employee needs to keep brand compliance top of mind but the full responsibility for promoting and protecting the brand falls on the brand strategist.

Opportunity for Branding Agencies

Branding agencies help a company change and adapt to better position themselves in the mind of the consumer. They study and assess what is weak and strong in their client’s brand and work to make it better. Branding agencies specialize in a wide variety of services with one goal in mind; to have a higher relevancy in the market space. The diversity of positions in a branding agency meet specific skills all across the board. If you are interested in this space and have the proper educational background for one of these positions and like working in this fast-paced environment, applying for a branding agencies might be worthwhile.

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