A Quick Approach to Convert Gmail to PDF on Mac

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Emails are a common part of everyone’s daily life. Due to various benefits provided by Gmail like the G-suite service, it is a widely used email client by 1.4 million users. Even though Gmail provides better security, users still want to convert Gmail to PDF to create a backup of important emails on their external hard drives. As data in a PDF file is easy to share and access even without any internet connection.

If you are also searching for a reliable way to backup your Gmail emails on your Mac then, read this blog till the end. We will talk about the two best techniques to save Gmail emails as PDFs. Before we begin, let’s start with a few of the advantages of converting Gmail emails to PDFs.

Reasons to Convert Gmail to PDF

A user chooses to create a backup of their Gmail emails in a PDF file format because PDF files provide better data security than any other file format. We’ve listed a few of the other advantages that come with saving data in PDF format.

  • A PDF file format is easy to access on any device.
  • Users can encrypt and protect data from unauthorized access.
  • PDF files are easily shareable and used for documentation purposes.
  • Users can share and print emails saved in a PDF file easily.

After going through the reasons, Let’s further learn about the methods to export Gmail emails as PDFs.

How to Save Emails as a PDF in Gmail?

There are two different approaches available to convert Gmail to PDF i.e, the manual approach and the professional approach(Gmail to PDF Converter). Let’s learn about these approaches below.

#1. Manual Approach to Download Gmail Emails as PDF

The manual approach includes directly downloading the emails in PDF file format. Follow the below steps carefully.

  1. Open Gmail and Sign in using the credentials.
  2. Go to the Email you want to save as a PDF.
  3. Click on the 3-dots(More)  in the right-hand corner.
  4. Under the More section, click on the Print option.
  5. A print dialogue box appears, and from there choose Save As PDF.
  6. Select the desired location and click on Save.
  7. Now, the desired email is saved in PDF format on your local hard drive.

These steps are simple and easy to follow, but the limitations of this method make it the least opted option to convert Gmail to PDF.

Drawbacks of the Manual Method

  • This method does not allow to download Gmail emails as PDFs in bulk.
  • Users cannot opt to save the attachments separately.
  • Downloading large-size emails can be a time-consuming process.
  • There can be a repetition of the same emails.
  • While downloading the emails one by one data alteration can take place.

Many experts prefer using a professional Mac Gmail to PDF converter to avoid these limitations and convert Gmail to PDF with accuracy.

#2. Mac Gmail to PDF Converter- An Automated Solution

MacSonik Gmail to PDF Converter for Mac is a top-notch utility that efficiently saves Gmail as PDF. This tool has cutting-edge features through which users can save Gmail emails into a PDF file format in bulk with high data accuracy. It does not compromise the data structure and security during the entire conversion process.

Steps to Export Gmail Emails to PDF

  1. Download and Run the MacSonik Gmail to PDF Converter on Mac.
  2. Enter the third-party User ID and Password and tap on Sign in.
  3. Check the desired folders from the displayed tree structure then click Next.
  4. Choose the desired location to save the resultant file.
  5. Lastly, hit the Convert button to start the conversion process.

Some Advantages of Mac Gmail to PDF Converter Tool

  • Users can export Gmail emails to PDF in bulk.
  • It allows saving the attachments separately.
  • Data originality is maintained throughout the conversion process.
  • This method removes duplicate emails from the process.
  • Users can also set the custom location and name of the resulting file.


In this article, we have shared reliable manual and professional approaches to convert Gmail to PDF. The manual approach comes with certain limitations that can be easily avoided using a professional method. The professional method is a trusted approach by many experts. It provides a secure and 100% accurate conversion in less time.

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