A Complete Guide to Umrah Trip and Its Purpose in Islam

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Umrah is a lesser pilgrimage to Makkah performed by Muslims from all over the world. It’s a Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and every Muslim wishes to embark on an Umrah trip at least once in their lifetime. Unlike Hajj you don’t have to wait for a specific time to perform Umrah; you can start this journey at any time of the year, except during the five days of Hajj.

What is the Purpose of the Umrah Trip, and the Right Time to Perform it?

Umrah is a religious act of purifying your soul from all sins and giving you a chance to take a new beginning in life. You can perform Umrah as many times as you want. It’s the best solution to get rid of all the life burdens and freshen your mind and soul by seeking Allah’s blessings. As the pilgrims get a chance to spend their time, energy, and money in Allah’s way, He blesses them with precious rewards. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ narrated in a hadith that Allah removes poverty and sins from a person’s life when he offers the Umrah and Hajj pilgrimage.

You don’t have to wait for a certain period to start the Umrah trip; it can be performed at any time of the year except the days of Hajj. Most Muslims prefer to start this sacred journey in the month of Ramadan, as it comes with a lot of blessings. Every deed and righteous action you perform in this month offers a double reward against it. Visiting the sacred city of Makkah during this holy month will allow you to seek numerous blessings of Suhoor and Iftar time.

Ihram and its Restrictions

Wearing Ihram means every Muslim is equal, and there is no difference regarding wealth and social status. Without entering the state of Ihram, you cannot perform Umrah. It’s mandatory to wear Ihram before starting your Umrah trip. Before wearing Ihram, make sure to take a shower and clean your mind and body from all sorts of bad things. After wearing Ihram, you are not allowed to cut your hair or nails and cannot use any scented products. Rules of wearing Ihram for men and women are different.

Women have to cover their whole body, except the face and hands. Also, they need to make sure to wear loose clothing that is not revealing. Whereas, men have to wear two unstitched white sheets of clothing that cover their body except the head and face, the arms, and ankles and feet.

Make Umrah Intention on Miqaat

Every Muslim who wishes to perform Umrah needs to go back to Miqaat to make the intention of Umrah and wear Ihram. Making the intention of Umrah inside the holy city of Makkah will result in a penalty. Start reciting Talbiyah from Miqaat and at the same time, restrictions of Ihram will be imposed on you. Must follow these rules until your Umrah is complete.

Prohibited Actions During Umrah

Certain acts are not allowed after being in the state of Ihram, and pilgrims should avoid them; otherwise, this will affect the efficiency of their Umrah trip.

  • ·         Don’t misbehave or quarrel with anyone.
  • ·         Avoid using abusive language and don’t curse or swear.
  • ·         Don’t use any scented products, including soap, moisturizer, shampoo, wipes, or anything with fragrance.
  • ·         Don’t engage in any bad activities.

Perform Rituals of Umrah Properly

It’s better to take guidance from a scholar before embarking on this beautiful journey for better guidance. You should stop reciting Talbiyah soon after entering the Mataf area and start doing Tawaf around the Kaaba. After completing seven rounds around Kaaba, pray two nawafil in front of Maqam e Ibrahimi, wherever you find the place. Now, move towards Saai’s area and complete seven rounds from Safah to Marwah and Marwah to Safa. Waling from Safa to Marwah is considered as one round. After completing Saa’I, pray two nawafils of thankfulness to the Creator for letting you perform this auspicious duty. Now men need to shave their heads, and women should cut a few inches of hair. After all of this, you are completely free from all the restrictions of Ihram.

Make sure to prepare well before starting this journey. Learn proper duas and understand the importance of rituals. For better guidance and the right choice of packages, contact Muslims Holy Travel. May Allah give capability to every Muslim to perform this holy duty.

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