5 ways to get your business to reach Chinese consumers quickly

5 ways to get your business to reach Chinese consumers quickly
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Suppose your company has chosen to enter the Chinese market to develop your business, then after understanding the basic rules of the Chinese market and the Chinese laws. In that case, you may also want to know how to reach Chinese consumers quickly and adequately? The Chinese consumer market is enormous. As the world’s largest consumer market, how to grasp the psychology of consumers and integrate your company into the Chinese market faster, how to reach Chinese consumers is one of the most important directions. I can help you with some ideas on how the following methods can help you get Chinese consumers faster.

1. Chinese website + Baidu SEO

As a company, the first thing you should do to enter the Chinese market is complete create a Chinese website. A Chinese website can help you get your company’s information back to Chinese customers quickly. Because English is not a common language in China, a Chinese website can better help your company market itself in China. When you have a Chinese website, the second step is to have Chinese search engine exposure, like Google’s search exposure, a paid advertising exposure method. This will allow Chinese customers to target your business when they search for products in this industry in the first place. For example, ADF Distillery has a global reputation for distilling the purest cognacs and being one of the last producers of high-quality spirits to be located outside of the city center. And it was the first to create its Chinese website after arriving in the Chinese market and conducted an extensive Baidu search engine exposure campaign.

2. KOL promotion.

KOL promotion in China is similar to influencer promotion in the United States. Chinese consumers will like to browse the significant social media, and these social media will have a large number of KOL and KOC; these KOL will help companies promote their products. These KOLs will enable companies to promote their products by using software, pictures, or videos to make them known to more consumers. At present, the big social media in China are Xiaohongshu, ShakeYin, etc. These social media are the places where KOL promotion can be done successfully. If you want your product to enter the Chinese market faster and be discovered by Chinese consumers, it is necessary to use the right KOL and KOC to promote your product. Choosing the right KOL and KOC is more challenging than selecting the right social media platform to promote your products. So many companies usually decide to let advertising agencies help them encourage KOL.

3. The establishment of an e-commerce platform.

E-commerce platforms are widely used in China for consumers to buy goods online. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, the popularity of e-commerce platforms has soared. Like Amazon in the European and American markets, China also has its e-commerce platforms, which are often more sophisticated and have more sales channels. If your company is a fast-moving consumer goods company, such as beauty, fashion, health care, and food and beverage categories, creating your store on an e-commerce platform can attract many Chinese consumers. Four Chinese companies (Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, and Jindo). Each forum has its unique features and can effectively attract specific consumers, making choosing the right platform a critical decision. But many companies that are new to the Chinese market don’t know much about these platforms and don’t know what kind of operational campaigns they should set up to attract more consumers, so choosing an advertising agency will make this situation better.

4. Promote your products on social media in China.

In China, the most widely used social media is WeChat. Many companies have their own WeChat pages to communicate more intuitively and efficiently with more Chinese consumers when they first arrive in China. WeChat is not the only social media outlet in China. Companies need to be present on other social media as well. Weibo is like the Chinese version of Twitter, with 550 million monthly active users and one of the most visited websites in China. There are other sites such as Xiaohongshu, ShakeYin, and some video sites, and if you can create your company page and business profile on each of these sites, it will give your products more exposure. Of course, this involves the scope of platform advertising, so to make it easier to set up your own business, you also choose to let the advertising agency help. The advertising agency will help you promote your business on Chinese social media and help you optimize your homepage to attract more customers.

5. Keep your promotion business up to date with the market trends in China.

The market in China is changing rapidly because of the large consumer base, the volume of consumer demand, and the different characteristics of a wide variety of consumers. To keep up with the market trends in China and analyze other consumer groups so that your products can be targeted to the most appropriate groups requires companies to do many market research and market studies. When a company is just entering the Chinese market, it becomes tough to research it because it is a very complex market. If you let an advertising agency help you, the agency is very familiar with the Chinese market. It can help you quickly make a market research report suitable for your product and help you make the most accurate user targeting.

All in all, there is a lot of preparation work to be done to get your product into the Chinese market faster, and this work can be very complicated and tedious. If you need to quickly get your product known and familiar to Chinese consumers, it is essential to choose a suitable and professional China advertising agency. They will save you time, and they will save you money. 41 Finance is a professional China advertising agency. We will help you tailor your marketing plan to fit your needs from many angles and have affordable promotion packages for you to choose from. If you need to promote in China market, please feel free to consult us.

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