WordPress Multisite: Everything-You-Need-To-Know-About

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WordPress Multisite sounds like a magical world, right? If you ask WordPress users about it, they would undoubtedly agree.

WordPress Multisite is an impressive feature for users who want to manage multiple websites conveniently. It allows you to run many websites through a single dashboard, restricting the need to create a separate installation for each website. That means you can run a network of WordPress sites under the same host server.

If you have any doubts or facing any problems related to WordPress Multisite, you have reached the right page. We have put together an ultimate guide that will help you understand the concept, characteristics, uses, and advantages of using WordPress Multisite.

Characteristics of WordPress Multisite

  1. Manages numerous websites using a single WordPress installation and shared dashboard.
  2. Entire networks of websites share the same plugins, themes, and hosting resources.
  3. Help you set each website in the network as subdomains or subdirectories.
  4. Single in charge handles network-wide features and user roles.

Features of WordPress Multisite

  1. One Dashboard is Enough for All Sites

WordPress Multisite consists of a single dashboard to handle numerous websites. This feature is a huge time saver for developers who need to manage a substantial number of similar sites. After a one-time WordPress installation, you can access all websites from one place. The entire process of applying network-wide changes becomes more convenient as WordPress Multisite makes it centralised and easy to manage.

  • Sharing Plugins and Themes

Every website on a WordPress Multisite shares the same set of plugins and themes. Although the site admins of individual websites can use their favoured themes or deactivate unwanted plugins, they can only apply changes from the set already installed on the Multisite. Such prepared clusters are established for the whole network by an individual member termed the Super Admin. Different websites in the WordPress Multisite share the same hosting account and database.

  • Super Admin- The Comprehensive Incharge

The name makes it quite clear that the Super Admin must carry control over everything that falls under the WordPress Multisite. It is true ostensibly, as they are the only ones holding access to the Network Admin panel in the My Sites menu area. Super Admin gets some extraordinary power that gives them the ability to:

  • Install, customise, and update themes and plugins on different websites.
  • Remove, hide or add individual websites.
  • Manage network-wide server options and perform network upgrades.
  • Manage user roles and grant permissions to site admins.

Super Admin is the one who is responsible for controlling and managing everything on the WordPress Multisite.

Uses of WordPress Multisite

You can make the best out of WordPress Multisite when you use it specifically for operating websites having similar features, structure, and shared branding. For instance, Educational institutions can use Multisite to allow students and staff to share blogs. Similarly, real estate companies can also use Multisite as only the content differs on such websites, but the designs remain the same. It is better not to use WordPress Multisite if you deal with websites having unique features and structure.

Advantages of WordPress Multisite

  • It is one of the most efficient and convenient ways to manage multiple sites using one parent domain and a single dashboard.
  • You don’t need to download themes and plugins individually for each website on the network. Instead, you can download them once and use them on different websites.
  • Avoid conflicts and troubleshoot problems through centralised control over plugins and themes.
  • The network of websites on WordPress Multisite gets stored in a single backup, eliminating the need to backup each site separately.
  • Super admin has the power to assign a single user to several websites. You don’t need to create individual admin for each website on the network.

Final Verdict

WordPress Multisite is an efficient tool for addressing and managing numerous websites on the platform. Further, it breezes the process of plugin updates and saves you a lot of time. Consider the features and structure of websites you will be managing together, before using WordPress Multisite.

Handling WordPress Multisite is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are facing problems in handling numerous websites, contact us today. We at WordPress Website offer the finest WordPress Development Services and our experts help you achieve your business goals.

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