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What is SpyWarrior

SpyWarrior is an anti-virus program developed by a Lithuania-based cybersecurity company Kibernetinio Saugumo Sistemos. It works as a shield for a Windows computer from infections like trojans, viruses, spyware, ransomware, and other malware threats.

The program is newly released and there’s not much information or reviews available, so it can be difficult to decide whether a program is suitable for one’s needs. And it can be risky to use an unknown program. Because of this, we performed careful tests to see how well the program actually protects against malicious threats. Here are the results.

SpyWarrior malware detection/removal

The program’s official website explains that SpyWarrior detects and removes ransomware, trojans, rootkits, botnets, keyloggers, worms, browser hijackers, adware, etc. These are pretty standard detections.

It’s worth noting that SpyWarrior is particularly effective against infections like spyware, adware, and browser hijackers. These aren’t infections that can cause a lot of damage but they are very intrusive and annoying to deal with. Since they do not cause significant damage, many bigger anti-virus vendors are quite slow to add new infections to their databases. SpyWarrior appears to have quite a significant malware database that gets updated regularly so it should be able to detect even the most recent threats. During testing, it was able to accurately detect 99% of adware, browser hijackers, and similar threats.

More importantly, we performed tests to see how well SpyWarrior deals with more complex infections like trojans and ransomware. These are infections that can cause a lot of damage so it’s essential that the anti-virus program of choice immediately detects and blocks them. We tested the program against numerous different malicious threats and the results were more than satisfactory. Real-time detection blocked all malware from initiating, but the program also immediately detected malware already running on the computer. Overall, SpyWarrior provides great protection against malware.

SpyWarrior ransomware protection

SpyWarrior’s most impressive feature is ransomware protection. This is a particularly important feature for anti-virus programs to have because ransomware can affect all users and have very serious consequences.

SpyWarrior does have an anti-ransomware feature which we were eager to test. To see how effective it is, we performed tests with a number of both widespread and less common ransomware strains. Overall, SpyWarrior was tested against 45 ransomware strains. Most importantly, we wanted to see how well SpyWarrior can prevent files from being encrypted. Considering SpyWarrior is a rather new program, we were not expecting the feature to work on par with anti-ransomware features provided by bigger anti-virus vendors. But SpyWarrior is full of surprises because it was able to detect and stop every single attempt to encrypt files. That’s certainly an impressive feat.

SpyWarrior interface/design

When choosing an anti-virus program, it’s important to take into account whether your technical skills are sufficient to fully use it. Most anti-virus programs are designed with users in mind so they’re usually easy to use. But some programs are more complicated and require more technical knowledge to use so it’s important to consider the interface when choosing an anti-virus program.

SpyWarrior is a very user-friendly program so users of all skill levels will be able to use it. It’s easy to navigate and access features, as well as change certain settings. The design is pretty typical for anti-virus programs though that’s certainly not a bad thing. The dark design is pleasing to the eye and is not intrusive.

SpyWarrior performance

Some anti-virus programs can cause performance issues, especially when performing a resource-consuming task like a scan of the computer. This was a pretty big problem in the past but is rarely an issue with today’s computers.

While running various tests, we kept an eye on SpyWarrior’s performance and whether there were any issues. We are glad to say that there was no noticeable lag or slowdown related to the program. There may be a very slight lag when the program is launched but it does not last long and is barely noticeable. Otherwise, unless you’re using a very old computer, SpyWarrior should run in the background quietly.

SpyWarrior customer support

SpyWarrior’s customer support can be contacted either via email or the program’s Help Desk feature. There currently is no live chat option but it will likely get added in the future. It’s also worth mentioning that technical support can provide custom solutions in case SpyWarrior cannot remove a malicious threat for one reason or another. All users would need to do is fill in a ticket in the program’s Help Desk tab. This isn’t a feature we were able to test but if it works, it’s a great addition because anti-virus programs are not perfect and may sometimes be unable to remove a threat.

SpyWarrior free ransomware protection

SpyWarrior has a limited free version that can be downloaded from the official website. However, free SpyWarrior only allows users to scan the computer for threats, not remove them. This is a fairly common practice, particularly among more recently-released programs.

To get access to SpyWarrior’s features for free, you would need to initiate the 7-day free trial. The free SpyWarrior trial can be initiated by getting a premium 1-year or 2-year subscription. When making the purchase, you would not be charged until after the trial ends.

SpyWarrior price

SpyWarrior is primarily a paid program so to use its full features, buying a subscription will be necessary. There are three SpyWarrior plans to choose from, though they only differ in subscription length. If you do not want to subscribe long-term, the 1-month plan for €10 is the best option. But ultimately, buying either the 1-year or 2-year plans is the better option, primarily because they come with great discounts.

The 1-year plan currently has a 51% discount so the price is €59/year (€4.92/month). The 2-year subscription has a 67% discount, making the price €79/two years (€3.29/month). The only downside is that users need to pay for the whole subscription length in one payment. But ultimately, it’s much cheaper than paying on a monthly basis. It also appears that discounts are applied when renewing the subscription.

Is SpyWarrior a good anti-virus program?

SpyWarrior, while a relatively new program, provides great security for Windows computers. While it’s yet to add more features, for users looking for an uncomplicated anti-virus program, SpyWarrior is a great option. It has great malware detection rates and even ransomware protection. Its design, while pretty standard, is modern and eye-pleasing, and the interface is very user-friendly. There are also great discounts, making the program more than affordable.

To conclude, SpyWarrior is a safe anti-virus program that provides great protection against malware.

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