Scrapbook by Neil Smith

Scrapbook by Neil Smith
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The story is about a tragic event that happened at Scott University, where many students lost their lives. During the Massacre, there were some people who survived, such as Thomas, Myuko, and Cynthia. After the event, Thomas struggles with guilt and is significantly affected by what happened. His girlfriend Amy tries very much to help him through that time. He is burdened with the guilt of surviving while most people in his class die. Amy goes for sleeping pills and lies that they belong to her to help Thomas get some sleep. Thomas refuses to go out for many days and asks his girlfriend about what is in the newspaper since he avoids reading the news about the massacre. Thomas is broken and takes more pills than he usually takes so he can be able to sleep. Thomas managed to get out of the university before the shooting started and worked out without a backward glance while one student pulled an alarm and the other called 911. Thomas going without doing anything to help is what has brought the survival guilt that he feels. There was an organized march where people took a long walk to the university in commemoration of the lives of the student they lost. Thomas was able to go to the march, but he had to use drugs to gain enough courage. Amy also felt both guilt and relief during the walk. She was relieved that Thomas did not die during the shooting, and no one was waving a sign with his face on it during that march. Thomas saw one of the girls that also survived the shooting and went to talk with her as Amy joined them as they comforted each other.

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