IChemE Competence and Commitment (C&C) Report

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The Institution of Chemical Engineers, or IChemE, is one of the most popular institutes. The institute was founded in 1922 and was granted a Royal Charter in 1957. It has helped over 35,000 students become chartered from over 100 countries.

With offices in London, Melbourne, Rugby, Kuala Lumpur, New Zealand, Wellington, and Singapore, IChemE promotes the contribution of chemical engineering to the society around the world.

The Engineering Council UK, which is in charge of evaluating aspirants for inclusion on the EC UK’s list or register of professional engineers, has licensed the Chime. This confers on the applicants the titles of incorporated Engineer and Chartered Engineer and the benefit of being an engineering technician.

Furthermore, the Society for the Environment has granted the Institute permission to award the title of Chartered Environmentalist. Moreover, it is a member of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering, allowing students to earn a degree in Chemical Engineering that is recognized in 25 countries.

If you’re planning to apply for Chartered Member (MIChemE), read this post.

Candidates who wish to apply for Chartered Member (MIChemE) should submit the IChemE Competence and Commitment (C&C) Report. This report is an integral part of MIChemE, you need to write an impactful report to obtain the title of Chartered Engineer.

The C&C report basically demonstrates your competencies and helps assessors assess applicants’ competencies based on the report’s contents. A Chartered Member (MIChemE) must have a certain level of competence.

A Chartered Member is one of the highest levels of competence for an Engineer; that is why the assessors thoroughly scrutinize IChemE Competence and Commitment (C&C) Report. Achieving chartered membership significantly improves the career path of Engineers with the highest level of accreditation.

Your application should include the following elements:

·         Current personal employment information such as name, date of birth, address, and employer information

·         Academic information such as a degree or certificates.

·         Your work experience (listed chronologically).

·         Two referee information along with your preferred method of communication for data protection.


For the Chartered membership application process, you’ll need to give details of two referees. Here are the criteria for selecting referees:

·         Your referees should be either chartered members or fellows of IChemE.

·         They must be willing to assist you throughout the process.

·         They should be prepared to respond whenever the authorities contact them.

CV for IChemE Chartered Engineer

Besides submitting IChemE Competence and Commitment (C&C) Report, you also need to submit an up-to-date CV for clear background information. The assessors would be able to compare and contrast the C&C report using your CV information.

Make sure you fill in the accurate information in your CV because it will be affirmed based on the C&C report. Technical aspects such as work completed, meetings attended, technical terms used in the C&C report, HAZOP undertaken and asserted in the C&C report, and HAZOP performed and asserted in the C&C report would be backed by the information provided in the CV.

Follow these steps to write your CV:

·         List your educational background and professional skills succinctly.

·         Make a simple CV and avoid using jargon.

·  Use first-person singular, i.e., “I” rather than “We,” throughout your CV. The idea is to talk about your accomplishment rather than propagating about others in your CV.

·         Since your contact information and photographs will already be provided during the application process, you don’t need to include them again in your CV.

IChemE Competence and Commitment (C&C) Report

The purpose of a C&C report is to demonstrate your competencies and thus should be focused on your accomplishments. Write your report in the first person singular, i.e., “I.” Know that your IChemE Competence and Commitment (C&C) Report is about you and not about any other person or team member. That is why you must mention your own personal contribution to any work in your report.

Your report will then be evaluated by chartered members as well as fellow IChemE members. Make sure you adhere to the guidelines while writing the C&C report. If it does not adhere to the guidelines, it will be rejected.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You get only two chances for resubmission, so be cautious in this regard.

Important Pointers To Remember

Here are the important pointers to consider while writing your C&C report:

·         Your C&C report should not be more than 3000 words in length.

·         Your C&C report should focus on you and not on anyone else.

·         Your C&C report must contain works where you made a personal contribution to highlight your skills.

Wrapping it up…

So far, we’ve covered the IChemE Competence and Commitment (C&C) Report. When it comes to becoming a chartered member, this report is critical. That is why it is crucial to adhere to the guidelines when composing the C&C report.

In case you find writing a report an arduous task, contact us. We have a team of professional writers who can help you with an excellent C&C report.

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