How To Develop An App Like Uber For Trucking: Cost & Features

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The transportation industry has seen a drastic change in the previous few years. It has become easy to commute from one place to another because of digitalization. Uber taxi booking app had made it possible although. Uber Has gained immense popularity in providing taxi booking services without owning a single taxi. The same applies to the Uber trucking app services, which are gaining people’s attention.

Most mobile applications are used for brand awareness rather than to provide services. Business owners can target a large audience with the app and attract new customers as well. It is all about how to bring ease to the transportation industry, especially for people who are involved in the shipping process. In this blog, we will discuss all the factors that are important for building On-demand trucking apps.

What Key Features Are Required To Develop An On-Demand Trucking App Like Uber

1. Drivers App: Driver app includes every basic feature that helps drivers in communication with the business owners and the end-users. For seamless transportation of goods, it is necessary to build an intuitive driver app. The mandatory pieces for drivers apps are:

Registration – Drivers need to log in by filling up the necessary credentials. You can offer them doing their registration through social media networking so that you can track the deliveries.

Manage bookings – By adding these features you can help drivers to manage their schedules and track their order deliveries. As per their convenience, they can ask to manage bookings.

Shipment details – Before accepting any shipment drivers, can check all the relevant details of their cargo like weight, dimension, quantity, pickup date and time, etc.

Navigation – It brings ease in finding the right route for order delivery. Drivers can simply decide the routes by considering the traffic, accidents, and road repair conditions. The overall delivery process gets faster with the navigation feature.

Cancellation request – This feature allows drivers to put a cancellation request. In case of any emergency, they can use this feature.

Push notification – It constantly notifies the changes in courier delivery and suggests a different route for fast delivery.

Proof of delivery – After the successful delivery of cargo, drivers have to send the proof to the shippers. Here drivers can upload any document and click a picture of the good.


2. Shipper’S App – To provide a top-notch user experience, the shipper app has to be developed appropriately with all mandatory features. The app should be easy to use and capable enough to enhance user experience. It helps shippers to find the trucks available in their nearby areas and schedule a booking for them.

Registration – Every app requires user registration, so it applies here too. Shippers need to add the required details to access the application. The registration process should be simple, so make sure to allow users to log in via their existing emails or social media accounts.

Vehicles – Available vehicles should be shown in this section so that shippers can easily select their preferred ones. Required vehicle details are available here like, the type of vehicle, vehicle number, etc.

Manage bookings – Shippers should give leverage to manage their booking according to their needs. They will also be able to estimate the fairs include in the shipping.

Push notifications – This feature constantly updates the shipper regarding the date and time of their delivery. Shippers can also check any delays if, happens in the delivery process.

Tracking – Shippers can simply track the vehicles in real-time. This feature helps shippers to calculate the delivery time. It allows them to find the exact location.

Payment options – Integration of various payment options like e-wallet, debit cards, credit cards, COD, UPI, etc. help shippers to make payments as per their preferred way.

Feedback – After availing of the services, shippers can share their experience with the app by dropping feedback. It helps companies to make necessary improvements in their services.


3. Admin App – This app is specifically made for admins who keep a constant eye on the day-to-day transactions and activities of drivers and shippers. Mainly this app includes:

Dashboard – This is the front page of the app which shows the essential details related to shippers, orders, carriers and vehicles. Apart from this, it shows the order completion and pending details as well.

Driver tracking – Admins can keep eye on drivers’ movement, and can detect the estimated time of delivery. They can also check the necessary details of the products contained in the shipments.

Billings – Invoices generated through the app can be checked, and passed easily with this feature. Expenses are dived into different slabs and shown appropriately on the screen.

Notifications – Here the admins can send important notifications to the drivers or shippers regarding the shipment delivery. Any changes in the route or any change in the location can be announced through the notifications.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Uber

Well, it is quite difficult to estimate the cost, but there are various factors responsible that contribute to the total cost of developing a truck app like Uber. Cost validation is divided into various segments. If you need a customized app, then your charges will depend on the features that you specifically want in your app. Below mentioned are a few factors that affect project cost:

The UI/UX design of your app affects the price range. If you want an advanced UI/UX with animated features, it will add to your cost.

The estimated time for trucking app development is approximately 4 to 5 months, but if you want it early, you may have to pay more.

To get a fully functional customized app you have to hire a Trucking app development who will provide you with a team of experienced developers that will make your application according to your business needs.

There are many professionals included in a team of developers like UI/UX designers, IOS developers, Android developers, Backend and front end developers, Project managers, and Quality assurance experts. They all work together to produce quality results.

Ways to Monetize The Uber-Like Truck App

There are several ways to monetize the Exact clone of uber for trucking in which below mentioned are a few of them. You can even use it for other marketing purposes as well, as you only need a unique idea to do so.

You can ask for extra payment from shippers who want to send their cargo on an instant basis.

You can earn money by showing advertisements for different brands. This is called paid advertising which is the most common way of maximizing revenues through the app. But make sure to advertise in limit because no one likes to use an app that shows so many marketing ads on the app. It irritates the users.

Charging commission from shippers is another way to monetize the app. You can charge them for transferring money through your payment gateway. Keep a reasonable amount by doing appropriate market research of your industry vertical.

You can add paid features in your app to earn more. People who want to access those features will have to pay extra.


Some entrepreneurs have already adopted this strategy and have started their own uber app for trucking. So what you are waiting for.

With the uber like trucking features, you can even add customized features in your app like chat modules, voice assistance, CRM tools, biding tools, etc. This will make you different from your competitors, and the possibility of getting success will get an increase. It is all about how you can simplify the shipping process and give a world-class experience to your users.

To gain success a unique idea and plan is needed that should be different from your competitors. You can contact trucking app development companies who best develop on-demand trucking apps as they handle things at their own level. You just have to share your ideas and requirements.

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